Mixed Mode strategy to Migrate Eclipse 3x to e4


Even after so many releases of e4 versions there is still no evident acceptance and not many big commercial tool chains are migrated to e4 platform, Most of the applications are completely dependent on comparability layer. Even at BOSCH the situation is no different, we at our organization wanted to explore the reason and also check if e4 could resolve our tool chain users pain points.

The primary reason that we found is lack of support for workbench parts like (CNF based explorers, Properties view, Progress views..etc), lack of examples and documentation for using compatibility layers at components level not as a whole.

We in this process have come up with a strategy to incrementally migrate our commercial Eclipse Based Applications, we have also have realized the strength and advantages Of migrating to e4 to resolve Usability complaints attached to our Eclipse based tools from years.
In this presentation we will demonstrate the strategy that we have adapted to migrate one of our application to e4 and also would discuss the Pain points and the approaches that we have taken to overcome them.

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