Making IoT child's play


IoT is becoming more and more complex every day with steadily growing variety of devices and their accessibility via different protocols. This complexity influences the development in terms of time-to-market and skills you need to bring along significantly.

In this talk we will introduce two projects of the growing Eclipse IoT community which accelerate and simplify the development of IoT applications. Eclipse Kura is at the heart of the Eclipse Open IoT Stack for Java. It provides a platform for building IoT gateways offering a wide range of Java APIs for application developers to access the gateway I/O interfaces, manage and configure the network interfaces, connect to data services, and remote management. As well as Eclipse Vorto which provides high-level modeling of all the functional aspects of devices connected to an IoT Gateway, with so called information models that are managed in a shared repository. Vorto authoring tools and code generators then translate the models into platform & device specific code.

In a live demonstration, we are going to take & combine Vorto and Kura showing how easy it can be to develop and gamify IoT. Participants get to try it out and have a chance to win a price.


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Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 15:00 to 15:35