LocationTech: Processing Geospatial Data at Scale


LocationTech (https://locationtech.org) is a working group inside of Eclipse Foundation that many open source projects dealing with geospatial data call home.
The projects serve a wide variety of purposes, from a C/C++ library for doing spatial indexing, to a framework for rendering 3D maps on mobile devices,
but they all have a common theme: dealing with location. If you need to handle data that you can put on a map, then LocationTech would be a good place to look for open source solutions.

There's a growing need to processes large volumes of geospatial data in order to answer questions like:
- what is the average predicted temperature of Germany from 2050 - 2099 based on certain forecasting models?
- What are the most common origins of flights that have landed in Stuttgart in the past 15 years?
- How many tweets containing the hashtag #eclipsecon were sent from European countries?
Each of these questions have two common elements: location and big data.

LocationTech projects like GeoTrellis, GeoWave, GeoMesa, and GeoJinni (sense a pattern?) were created to solve this type of problem: how do we ask big data questions concerning location? In this talk, I will give an introduction to those projects at LocationTech that aim to help developers work with big geospatial data, and talk about how those projects approach distributed processing geospatial data at scae. I'll talk about the current state of big geospatial data processing at LocationTech, and where we're heading towards in the future. This talk should be of interest to anyone who wants to learn more about big data processing frameworks such as Spark, Hadoop and Accumulo, learn more about geospatial data and location-based applications, and/or learn about the collaborative efforts of a successful working group inside the Eclipse Foundation, LocationTech.

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Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 13:30 to 14:05


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