Join our live pair programming session with Eclipse Che, Eclipse IDE, Eclipse Orion, Eclipse Flux and Docker


During this session, we will do a live demo of a prototype showing multi editing and real time collaboration from 3 different editors from the foundation: Che, Orion and Eclipse IDE. The prototype will use a Flux micro service running inside a Che docker runner that will allow Orion, Eclipse IDE and Che editors to edit the same file in real time like in Google Docs. Come with your laptop, your phone or tablet and join our pair programming session!

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Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 14:15 to 14:50


Please elaborate on the format you plan for this talk. If you plan do demo pair programming it seems you would need at least a second speaker (which is already hinted at by the "we").

If you have been to ECE you should know that you cannot expect a fast reliable WiFi (or you just suppressed the memory;-)). Otherwise, expect the worst!

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Yes, I will use my phone to share the internet for myself if the wifi is crappy, if I can't get the internet, i will share a wifi and run servers on my laptop and i will prepare screencast as last backup. :)
If we have internet, the demo will involve people on the room or on the internet: i will share a link to a Che or Orion ide with realtime collaboration capabilities and everybody will be able to participate (that's what the "we" hint). On the screen will show all the editors getting live updated.
I will explain with diagrams how all this work after the demos.

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