GeoScript – A Geospatial Swiss Army Knife

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GeoScript is a LocationTech project providing a concise and simple API for developers to quickly work with spatial data and mapping. GeoScript adds spatial capabilities to dynamic scripting languages that run on the JVM. With implementations in Python, JavaScript, Scala, and Groovy, GeoScript provides an interface to the powerful data access, processing and rendering functionality of the GeoTools library.

GeoScript is a great tool for the day to day data juggling that comes with geospatial data. GeoScript can also be embedded into your application for the automation of spatial data tasks.

This talk will focus on real world examples that showcase the power of the library. We will also show GeoScript embedded in the uDig Desktop GIS RCP application.

Come check this talk out if you are interested in learning about a new tool to add to your geospatial hacking toolbox. Maybe you have tried to use GeoTools but find it too difficult and complex to use? Perhaps you would like an easy way to embed spatial functionality in your application? If that is the case this talk, and GeoScript, might be just what you are looking for.

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