Functional Testing made easy with SWTBot for Developers and Testers


Bonitasoft is a long-time user of SWTBot framework. The framework has been used to test UI since the beginning of Bonitasoft, 6 years ago. It was first used exclusively by "Eclipse-knowledgeable" developers because of its maintainability and stabilization difficulties. There were also limitations on the testable components. Building on our increased experience and the evolution of SWTBot it is now used by the Developers and the QA team in a smoother way.

In this talk, I will explain:
- Gains of sharing the same Tooling between QA Testers and Developers
- The "Page pattern" used to develop our internal framework
- Our future plans to invite stakeholders and user advocates to the party

This talk continues the story from the article published in the Eclipse Newsletter of September:

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 15:45 to 16:20


Hi Aurelien,
would you be willing to move the proposal to another track? We would like to take it into consideration for the "normal" ECE talks.

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Hi Alexandra,

I can take time to have a word about general workings of SWTBot. And I already planned to talk about experiences that lead us to evolve our tooling. So I will have time to talk about both subject yes.


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Hi Aurelien, thanks for the submission! Can you say whether time will permit you to provide a short overview to the general workings of SWTBot / your experiences that lead you to evolve your tooling? We think that would give the talk a good beginning and context even for people who are not that familiar with SWTBot.


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