Eclipse Platform - Rise and shine


Join this talk to hear what the Eclipse Platform team is currently doing.

While the exact functions which will discussed depend on the what actual is happening in the future, this talk will most likely cover:

- improvements in the Platform API (generification work for Eclipse Platform API, Java 8 updates in Eclipse databinding and other API)
- the smart import wizard which "just knows" what you want to import
- new UI enhancements like a full screen editing mode and automatic font size adjustments
- performance enhancements in various areas
- Substring and Postfix code completion in JDT
- Gradle support for Eclipse
- and much more....

In this talk the current improvements in the development and contribution process of the Eclipse platform are also covered.


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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 11:15 to 11:50


I'm wondering about the focus "Platform": should we team up for a (separate) JDT N&N (I do have some material but not enough for a full talk)? I believe a separate talk about Gradle/Buildship has already been submitted.

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Stephan, no thanks. The stuff of JDT I will cover is the Gsoc I'm helping with. Bringing in more JDT would not fit into the time slot.

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