Device-to-Cloud Communications Strategies for the IoT

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This talk is scheduled for 11:15 - 12:20 in the FMZ Präsentationsraum as part of the IoT Day.

At Bosch Software Innovations, we see a steady stream of new IoT projects, spanning multiple vertical domains, and have gained experience with a wide range of different approaches to solving common challenges in IoT solution design. This talk reviews common approaches for enabling reliable, secure and scalable communications between devices and backing services in the cloud. Along the way, we will look at the pros/cons of each approach as well as key enabling technologies, with a focus on the open, standards-based options that are currently available.

Todd Holmquist-Sutherland serves as Chief Product Manager for Cloud Services at Bosch Software Innovations, a software division of Bosch GmbH that since 2008 has specialized in the delivery of IoT solutions and platform services. Immediately prior to joining Bosch, Todd spent six years as Principal Group Program Manager at Microsoft, where he led the design and delivery of Azure messaging services targeting enterprise integration, mobile and IoT use cases.

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