Developing Form-based UIs for the Web

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In 2015, developing HTML5-based web forms is still a manual, error-prone, tedious process. While modern web application frameworks certainly made this task easier over the years, developers still struggle with the development, maintenance, and testability of forms, especially if the underlying data model is complex and subject to frequent change. This becomes even more apparent with business applications that need to support data views and editing UIs for a wide variety of data types. Having a meta-description of the data that could be used on both the client and the server would certainly help in eliminating most of these shortcomings. JSON Schema is a standardized meta-description format that is very well-suited for this purpose.
In this talk, we present JSONForms, an AngularJS-based open-source web framework based on JSON and JSON schema which brings declarative UI modeling to the web and thereby provides a client-side facility to describe native-web UIs with the following features:

- creation of form-based UIs without coding effort
- client-side validation out-of-the-box
- integration with REST-based backends
- extensible and customizable widgets

This talk covers the basics of UI modeling at the example of JSONForms and provides a practical introduction to JSONForms as a framework.

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