Complex RCP (e3/e4) Single Sourcing with RAP : Experience / Technical Knowledge Sharing


With the help of RAP, Single sourcing of a complex eclipse RCP applications is a reality now.  RAP (Remote Application Platform) a platform for running remote Eclipse applications on the web. RAP was introduced some years ago but acceptance of it for real commercial application is still low due to technical blockers and challenges, till date developers / eclipse community have come across only simple applications (eg- Viewers, Dialogs..etc) migrated from RCP to RAP but for this first time we are presenting a complete migration of complex RCP product (e3 and e4) to RAP. We have leveraged RAP for our ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) product – iCTeam. While migrating to RAP framework, we faced roadblocks and minor compromises which we overcame by lot of adaptation and customizations. In this presentation we would like to share all of learning’s, techniques that we have followed to successfully use RAP for single sourcing upto 70%. We will also demonstrate iCTeam and technical challenges in migrating from RCP (3.0 and 4.0) to RAP (practical way), we will be sharing you our experiences in a practical way on migrating complex RCP applications into RAP and the possible technical blockade and means how to overcome the same.

iCTeam adapted in RAP consists of eclipse frameworks like OSEE, EMF, ZEST, CNF, FORMS, Viewers, Wizards, Dialogs and Editors.

Overview of iCTeam

iCTeam - an eclipse based ALM solution and is loaded with advanced features for lean engineering needs. It has an extensible architecture and multi-tier framework, iCTeam has functionalities such as Model based development support, Product Line Engineering support, Dependency management support, software sharing support, Safety compliance support and Calibration workflow support with collaborative features for distributed development.

iCTeam enhances engineering efficiency by manage project complexity, providing traceability from requirements through the entire software development lifecycle, monitor project progress, and achieve predictable delivery. It also provides customizable workflow for adapting to any development processes.

iCTeam Product information: