Automating tests with the Jubula ITE and Client API

This session has been declined by the session moderation team.

For the Mars release, the Jubula team released a new way of writing tests with Jubula: the client API.

Join us in this tutorial to learn about writing tests from both perspectives in Jubula. You’ll learn how to write and execute tests using the code-free ITE and also how to write those tests using the Jubula Client API.

This tutorial is aimed at participants who:

  • want to learn how to write automated GUI tests with Jubula – either from the perspective of a functional tester or a tester with programming skills
  • may already know about the ITE approach to writing tests and want to find out about the new client API

We will do as many hands-on exercises as possible, covering aspects such as:

  • specifying simple and not-so-simple tests with the ITE
  • executing and analyzing tests via the ITE
  • specifying tests with the API
  • options for testing with the API

To sum up, we will spend a little time on good practices for structuring tests – regardless of whether they are written with the ITE or client API. Time permitting, we will also cover some aspects of continuous integration.

Participants should come with a laptop where Jubula is already installed. The installation pack and instructions will be made available before the conference.

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