Tue, 2015-09-22 09:42

Embedded Software Platform for the Eclipse Community (sponsored by IS2T)

This talk will aim to dissect MicroEJ’s rich set of tools to quickly build a Virtual Device featuring rich User Interface, Internet communication, and fast numerical processing. MicroEJ main features will be introduced, explaining how to develop an application for a specific MCU. This session covers several tools: Platform design and configuration, using a Virtual Device on desktop PC, multi-languages support (both high and low level), synchronous and asynchronous communications, RTOS, drivers, and libraries integrations. Tiny-footprint and high-speed execution will also be detailed, using a typical GUI-based application with MicroEJ.

Tue, 2015-09-22 03:47

Start developing robust Embedded & IoT Applications on full Open Source Java (sponsored by Azul)

Java enables an open and standards-based IoT platform that seamlessly integrates devices with enterprise applications.
This session provides an overview of developing IoT and Embedded solutions on Java using Zulu Embedded and Eclipse Kura OSGi stack. Zulu Embedded is fully certified, 100% open source Java SE platform based on OpenJDK optimized for embedded devices, M2M , and IoT. Since Zulu Embedded is based on 100% open source, all the costs associated with traditional embedded Java licensing are eliminated.

Mon, 2015-09-21 19:51

Simplifying Git feature branch development with automation (sponsored by Codenvy)

In 2014 Codenvy set itself a goal of doubling the number of commits per developer and halving the time from feature commit to deployment in production. With 73 separate GitHub repos covering both the open source Eclipse Che and closed source Codenvy products plus 8 distribution packages this was a daunting task. Attendees will learn the cultural, process and tooling changes that allowed Codenvy to achieve these goals.

Wed, 2015-09-16 21:44

IDEs and Beyond: Tools for Continuous Delivery (sponsored by IBM)

Gone are the days when a developer could get by with nothing more than a source code editor, compiler, and debugger. The modern cloud application developer needs to be comfortable dealing with a large array of tools to cover the entire software delivery lifecycle. Of course they need infrastructure for running unit tests, integration tests, and performance tests, but they also need tools for automating complex deployments to live staging and production environments, and tools for monitoring and measuring the live production application to measure the impact of their changes.

Tue, 2015-09-15 14:51

Continuous Delivery Workflow with Gerrit (sponsored by Genuitec)

Continuous Delivery is the perfect state of software, infrastructure and processes, in which you can release every single change in code to your customers in a very short time. Our development team has recently switched to a Continuous Delivery process for MyEclipse product. We were successful at limiting the amount of regressions, improving overall code quality and drastically increasing release frequency.

Wed, 2015-09-09 18:53

RAP by EclipseSource - going beyond Open Source (sponsored by EclipseSource)

Eclipse RAP is a mature Open Source Project that is commonly used for bringing existing Eclipse applications to browsers and thin clients. This session talks about how RAP has inspired us to develop native mobile technology to extend our offerings beyond the existing code base.

We will explore how the RAP protocol has enabled a completely new generation of cross platform native mobile clients that can be driven from a RAP server or by locally executed JavaScript.

Tue, 2015-09-08 20:36

Software Updates for the Internet of Things (sponsored by Bosch)

Software updates for embedded edge devices or the more powerful controllers and gateways is a core IoT process that is needed in most IoT scenarios.

However, rolling out software updates in an IoT landscape brings lots of challenges to the table. You have to cover a load of functional and non functional requirements. The software update process is the one that shall never fail and also never be compromised as it can fix in theory close to any issue on the device and at the same time is the greatest security threat to it.

Fri, 2015-08-21 12:01

Sirius - A graphic model is worth a thousand words (sponsored by Obeo)

Whether you are an IT Architect or Developer, a Tools and Methods Manager, or an Embedded Software or Systems Engineer, you are called on daily to devise and design innovative solutions in complex environments. To do this, you will need an efficient tool to describe your design choices, define an architecture, as well as analyze and validate it. What’s more, you must be able to communicate this work to various contacts: your customers, your partners, but also your development teams.

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