Fri, 2015-10-30 14:15

OSGi and Financial Messaging - A successful use case

Known to be adaptable to any possible kind of business, the OSGi platform and its advantages has not in the past been heavily used on the conservative world of Banking business and Financial Messaging. This has surely changed nowadays, and in this presentation you'll see a walk-through on how and why a major financial messaging company has changed from its robust and reliable legacy software to a robust, reliable, faster and scalable OSGi implementation, as well as peek on the technical design that supports it.

Mon, 2015-09-21 22:54

OSGi: Simplifying the IoT Gateway

Why do IoT gateways have to be so difficult? Currently the fragmentation, complexity, and potential lock-in of the gateway make picking an IoT gateway solution appear difficult. Add to that developer integration challenges and the gateway picture seems overly complex. Enter OSGi to simplify the development and deployment of the IoT Gateway.

Tue, 2015-08-25 17:32

Modules all the way down: OSGi and the Java Platform Module System

The next major version of Java SE will be based upon the Java Platform Module System currently being developed in Project Jigsaw. In this talk we discuss how the Java Platform Module System will affect OSGi users including the impact to OSGi modularity, outline considerations for architects who will need OSGi's rich set of features, and demonstrate how OSGi-based implementations can take advantage of the new Java Platform Module System primitives to achieve a level of interoperability -- providing modules "all the way down".

Thu, 2015-08-13 21:28

Field injection, type safe configuration, and more new goodies in Declarative Services

In the recently published Release 6 specifications, OSGi provides a significant update to the already awesome Declarative Services (DS) specification. DS is _the_ way to write and use OSGi services since it handles the details and lets you, the developer, declare what you want. The DS 1.3 specification in Release 6 includes a number of new features to make using DS even better. This talk will go over the new features to help you better understand how to use them in your bundles.

Sat, 2015-08-01 01:13

Liferay Portal modern architecting and development: Modularity patterns using OSGi

This presentation will focus on modern architecting and development patterns with examples.
Liferay 7 come with new modular architecture based on OSGi framework. This new architecture will change the way of using and extending Liferay: It provide flexible options to customize Liferay portal and build applications on the top of it.

Fri, 2015-07-31 18:12

Bndtools Update - Whats Coming in v3.0.0 and Beyond

Bndtools, based on bnd and provided as an Eclipse plugin, is the easy, powerful and productive way to develop with OSGi.

Its great that over the last 12 months the community has grown significantly, and importantly still continues to grow. Its great to see the increased adoption and all of the questions on the mail list.

Join us for this talk to get an detailed overview of whats coming in version 3.0.0 along with an insight to our medium and long term future plans, including enhancing the bnd Maven Plugin.

Fri, 2015-07-31 16:32

Modularity, Microservices and Containerisation

This talk will review the current trends of Microservices and Containerisation and explain how, for the Java ecosystem, OSGi has has already delivered this vision and addressed the manageability issues that Docker-based systems still face.

The importance of self-describing artifacts and dependency management will reviewed along with an explanation of how this is addressed in OSGi and Docker centric ecosystems.

The talk will conclude with a demonstration showing how OSGi standards can be leveraged to build a compelling Container Orchestration & Runtime environment.

Fri, 2015-07-31 14:12

Asynchronous Event Streams – when java.util.stream met org.osgi.util.promise!

Asynchronous and event-driven programming models are great for processing data, whether it's sensors in homes, or metrics from a web server farm, event streaming is a tool for analyzing data that can be produced at any time.

Whilst Java 8 Streams have begun to teach developers about streaming, it's still stuck with a pull model. How do you cope with push-based events without blocking and timeouts? Rx Java Observables, and the Actor pattern provide a different abstraction, but wouldn't it be great to keep the simplicity of Streams with the power of asynchronous push-based events?

Fri, 2015-07-31 13:52

What's happening in the OSGi IoT Expert Group?

The IoT Expert Group is the newest Expert Group in the OSGi Alliance, but what exactly is an Expert Group, and what does it do? What does that mean for OSGi as an IoT platform?

This talk from the chair of the IoT Expert Group will cover the progress of the IoT Expert Group since its creation in July, what outputs we can expect to see in the future, and also information about how you can get involved with the Expert Group.

Fri, 2015-07-31 12:02

Interface of Things - OSGi as the Incubator for the German "Energiewende"

There is already a broad spectrum of smart home products supporting their users in many ways in their everyday life. However there are also many products that can be categorized as "gadgets" that users quickly forget after the initial enthusiasm.

Security at home and reduction of energy consumption and costs are among the most requested features for smart home systems. Being honest, available products don't really fulfill this promise, since the acquisition cost can't be amortized for many years. Additionally users need to be technical experts in using and customizing the system.


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