Fri, 2015-09-04 23:46

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: Lessons Learned after One Year of Open Source Activities in the Internet of Things

We at Bosch believe that the technology that comes with the Internet of Things (IoT) has genuine potential to deliver value, meaning, insight, and fun in order to tackle major challenges of the 21st century in several domains like mobility, energy, home and building, cities and manufacturing. In our vision of the future, each of our electronic products is connected to the Internet. This connectivity will allow for disruptive business models and new services.

Tue, 2015-08-18 07:10

The Car – Just Another Thing in the Internet of Things?

As long as your car is parked, it can be considered as just another thing in the Internet of things. It can provide sensor data like GPS position, temperature, or fuel state, just like a home automation device or smartphone, and can eventually be activated from a smartphone.

For the time the user spends inside the car, it becomes THE command central for interconnected use cases to access data or services in the cloud or the smart home, and replaces the smartphone as a central access point.

Sat, 2015-06-13 04:41

Swarming Nanomedicine

Nanoparticles for cancer applications are increasingly able to move, sense, and interact the body in a controlled fashion. The challenge is to discover how trillions of nanoparticles can work together to improve the detection and treatment of tumors.

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