Eclipse Platform - Rise and shine

Thu, 2015-10-08 04:09

by Lars Vogel
Lars Vogel  

If you work with Eclipse, you are probably using the Eclipse IDE. And, as you may also know, the IDE is developed by the Eclipse Platform project. In this talk we want to describe what we try to do in the Eclipse Platform project to make your life easier.

Eclipse IDEThe presentation has two parts. The first part talks about what we are doing to improve your experience as an Eclipse IDE user. We talk about our performance improvements, enhancements and simplifications in the user interface and much more.

As EclipseCon is all about community, in the second part we look inside the Eclipse Platform project and talk about our code and process improvements. Why is Google so active in the Eclipse IDE project? What are vogella’s goals? We also present some API enhancements which simplify the development of other plug-ins. And we show how we are ensuring that community contributions are getting easier and easier to make.

At the end of the talk, we’ll be glad to hear your suggestions for improvements in the IDE, or framework APIs you would like to see. We invite you to chat and hack with Platform and vogella GmbH committers at the EclipseCon Hackathon and throughout the conference.

Lars Vogel