Automated Error Reporting - Committer's Introduction to using AERI and discussing its Future for Eclipse Neon

Tue, 2015-09-22 12:28


This BoF will give a in-depth walk through to the web interface of the automated error reporting, it's interactions with Bugzilla and how committers can control notifications in Eclipse to point users to the appropriate bugs in Bugzilla or to provide missing information. Established best practices how to take the most out of automated error reports will be discussed.

If time permits, the session will also provide a critical summary of how effective automated error reports have been so far - were they failed - and how to improve Error Reporting to further lower the entrance barrier to get more, better error reports and increase teh bug fixing rates.

Feel invited to bring up your own topics during the BoF.

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Session Time Slot(s):
Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 20:00 to 21:00

BoF Organizer

Marcel Bruch [Codetrails]