Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: Lessons Learned after One Year of Open Source Activities in the Internet of Things


We at Bosch believe that the technology that comes with the Internet of Things (IoT) has genuine potential to deliver value, meaning, insight, and fun in order to tackle major challenges of the 21st century in several domains like mobility, energy, home and building, cities and manufacturing. In our vision of the future, each of our electronic products is connected to the Internet. This connectivity will allow for disruptive business models and new services.

Developing the business ecosystem around IoT and targeting different stakeholders in the IoT value chain from silicon vendors to system integrators is a major task for Bosch. Typical examples are

  • Strategic Alliances: Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) addressing partner companies and potential customers of IoT projects though showcasing IoT use-cases in real world test beds. Bosch was the initiator of first public IIC test bed.
  • Business Consortia: Hubject (Electromobility) and mozaiq (Smart Home) in order to break though in immature markets. Bosch is amongst the co-founding companies.
  • System Integrators: Partnership with TechM, Infosys, and TCS to scale out internationally.
  • Standardization: OSGi Alliance membership with ProSyst – now belonging to Bosch – a longstanding member of the OSGi board, also driving the IoT activities. OSGi is Bosch strategic IoT technology.
  • Open Source: Building on open technology like Eclipse, Apache, CloudFoundry, Linux, and bringing IoT key elements to the commons via Eclipse IoT.

This talk will highlight how Bosch tries to align the above activities developing the IoT market using the example of OSGi. Particularly, the lessons learned after one year of active open source contribution to the Eclipse IoT community will be discussed, from topics regarding product liability, change of software business model, impact on agile development and team dynamics, we at Bosch believe that other companies from old industry probably face similar impediments. They are part of the very different approaches and world views found in embedded system development as compared to Internet and IT software development.

Besides learning new tricks and all the challenges, we at Bosch are committed to an open platform approach as we believe that “nobody can do I(o)T alone."

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 14:00 to 14:50