LocationTech Projects


The LocationTech projects represent a massive influx of ideas, technology and enthusiasm for the Eclipse community. Attend this presentation what we can offer you and your team.

This presentation introduces the working group and participating projects.

  • Libraries: JTS Topology Suite is the rocket science of GIS providing an implementation of Geometry. Mobile Map Tools provides a C++ foundation that is translated into Java and Javascript for maps on iOS, Andriod and WebGL. GeoMesa is a distributed key/value store based on Accumulo. Spatial4j integrates with JTS to provide Geometry on curved surface.
  • Process: GeoTrellis real-time distributed processing used scala, akka and spark. GeoJinni mixes spatial data/indexing with Hadoop.
  • Applications: GEOFF offers OpenLayers 3 as a SWT component. GeoGit distributed revision control for feature data. GeoScipt brings spatial data to Groovy, JavaScript, Python and Scala. uDig offers an eclipse based desktop GIS solution.

As we explore these projects you can catch a glimpse of how geographic ideas are being transformed by our modern mobile / cloud / device world - capturing the heart and vision of LocationTech.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 15:45 to 16:20