The Jubula Client API

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Jubula is a powerful and professional Eclipse-based tool for automated functional testing through the Graphical User Interface.

The Eclipse Jubula Project is an open-source project hosted at the Eclipse Foundation which is available as an installable feature into Eclipse, and as part of the Eclipse for Testers package.

Jubula's black-box approach for software testing has been embodied for many years. Testers specify their tests using a library of modules that can be combined to highler-level blocks using drag&drop. The basis of each of these modules is our minimal unit for test automation: a "test step". Behind these test steps there is very capable remote control code which makes it possible to control an application's life cycle, check and transform its state, and to react to events during a test execution.

One of the goals of the Jubula team for the Mars release was to expose this remote control code via a public API so that users with a technical, programming background can also enjoy Jubula in a language they are familiar with, namely Java.

This talk will give an introduction to the new Jubula Client API. It gives an overview about what's new and what has stayed the same before providing examples of how to set up a test project and which aspects to consider when writing tests in this way.

This talk is also submitted as a "Lightning Talk".

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