Securing millions of Devices using Eclipse IoT Technology


This talk is scheduled for 9:45 - 10:20 in the FMZ Präsentationsraum as part of the IoT Day.

The Internet of Things is supposed to comprise billions of devices (things). Individual IoT solutions will most likely deal with only a limited subset of these devices. Nevertheless, a meaningful subset may still account for thousands or millions of devices which a solution needs to interact with in a safe and secure way in order to account for data privacy and authorization of device access. This talk illustrates how developers can leverage Eclipse IoT technology to securely connect millions of constrained devices to the cloud.

Several approaches exist to implementing safe and secure communications with devices. In most cases a solution developer does not want to deal with the specifics of cryptographic algorithms and the protocol flow required to successfully employ them in setting up a secure communication channel. Instead, developers want to rely on such technology being available as part of standard communication frameworks, e.g. by means of Transport Layer Security (TLS) support in an http or MQTT client framework.

In this session we will provide an introduction to Lightweight M2M as a management protocol for constrained devices and illustrate how eclipse IoT technology can be used to implement a LWM2M communication stack suited to securely connect millions of constrained devices using UDP and Datagram TLS (DTLS) to the cloud. We will also talk about options for provisioning security related information like key material to devices and how the new Eclipse IoT Tiaki project can be leveraged to provide for secure dynamic endpoint discovery.

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