Eclipse Scout: A pure Java Framework with full HTML5 Support


For the Neon release, Eclipse Scout becomes a pure Java project and ships with a new and highly responsive HTML 5 web frontend. These changes make the framework even more powerful, flexible and straightforward for developers to implement full scale business applications.

Despite the many changes under the hood of the Scout framework, the API itself feels pretty much the same to the Scout developer. Most important, Eclipse Scout remains independent of a specific UI technology and continues to offer multi device support.

In this talk, we first tell the story behind the motivation of evolving Eclipse Scout. Then, we present the new HTML UI and dive into two advanced topics: The customization of the L&F and the new Scout Bean Manager that replaces OSGi services and the Eclipse extension registry.

The links below provide some insight into the discussion of the new features in the Scout community.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 16:15 to 16:50