openMDM5: From a fat client to a scalable, omni-channel architecture


The handling of measured data goes way beyond simple data storage and retrieval. A measured data management system must provide reliable long-term archival, including provenance, and efficient search mechanisms while ensuring proper access restriction across different teams, departments, and even companies. However, the required functionality widely differs between these parties. Instead of implementing a single full-featured rich-client, the openMDM WG has been working to create a toolbox which allows to create individual measurement data management solutions tailored to the particular use case. The underlying software architecture will be presented in this talk.

Highlights of the architecture:
- Versatile: Integration of various types of clients - both web- and rich-clients, „faceless“ clients, and - in the future - also each type of mobile clients.
- Composable: Toolbox approach allows applications to be composed by assembling pre-built MDM components.
- Scalable: support of distributed data stores.
- Extendable: new MDM components can be easily added
- Durable: Based on the ASAM ODS data standard for storing measurement data ensuring an auditable, long-term storage of important measurement data.

The architecture will be demonstrated by means of a simple application that allows test engineers to navigate & search measurement meta data.

This talk refers to the Open-Measurment-Data-Management Working Group ( and the two Eclipse projects MDM@Web ( and MDM Business Layer (


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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 10:30 to 11:05