AGILE: An Open Source, Adoptive & Programmable IoT Gateway for Makers & Entrepreneurs


This talk is about the AGILE gateway, a new Open Source project that aims to build and deliver an open source (hardware & software) modular gateway for the Internet of Things. The gateway, based on open platforms, will target makers and entrepreneurs allowing to quickly prototype solutions for domains like home automation, quantifiedself, enironment monitoring and more. The gateway will provide features like:

  • extensibility and diverse connectivity through pluggable modules (network interfaces, sensors, etc.)
  • sensor and data management at local level: be able to collect data from available commercial sensors and process them locally (no need for external clouds). Manage the gateway and devices using software like the Eclipse Kura
  • programmability: create your own IoT apps through a visual flow environment (like Node-RED), control IoT devices, visualise sensor data, decide when and how to share your sensor data
  • IoT Marketplace: Install, manage and share your IoT apps through the Ubuntu Snappy IoT Marketplace
  • automatic discovery and recommendation: discover nearby IoT devices based on popular device protocols and get automatic recommendation on apps to use

The AGILE gateway is part of a larger initiative supported by more than 15 European companies and entities. The scope of this talk is to introduce the concept to the audience, receive feedback and also potential contributions on open source projects to consider/integrate, users/developers interested in contributing/validating/testing the project.

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