Modeling for Real Time systems Decompiled - The eTrice way

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Modeling for Real Time systems Decompiled - The eTrice way

Model-based design (MBD) especially for real time computing (subjected to real time constraints) have become very popular and are increasingly used for various real time embedded software and hardware systems. One oft he most popular approaches which provides a real time modelling is Real-Time Object-Oriented Modelling (ROOM) for real time computing which is defined by time constraints. From the very beginning ROOM has focused on a certain type of SW-Systems and is, in contrast to the UML, well suited for this kind of systems. In this sense, ROOM is a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for distributed, event driven, real time systems. Each properties of a real time system (Timelines, Dynamic internal structure, Distribution, Reactiveness, Reliabity) has potential in to make SW development complex.

„As an example take a look at a washing machine. The system has to react to user interactions, has to handle someerror conditions like a closed water tap or a defective lye pump. It has to react simultaneously to all these inputs. It has to close the water valve within a certain time to avoid flooding the basement. So, the system can be characterized as timely, concurrent and reactive. As long as the washing machine does not transform to a laundry drier by itself,the system has no dynamic internal structure and as long as all functions are running on a single micro controller the(SW)-system is not distributed. ROOM fits perfect to such a system. The same can also be intrapolated for a more complex Automotive usecases .“  ROOM fits perfect to such a system and is a holy grail for modelling.

Having understood the complexity of real time systems, what better way than use eTrice an eclipse initiative which provide an implementation of ROOM modeling language together with editors, code generators for complex embedded applications.  

Having understood the importance and complexity of Model-based driven development for real time computing especially in an embedded / automotive world, this presentation would cover understanding of how eTrice help us in addressing the following typical challenges in a practical way with examples:

  • How to deal with models, that consist not only of one model file, but is actually split up between several models ??
  • Structural complexity of concurrent and distributed systems.
  • Complexity of variant handling and reuse (e.g. for product lines)
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