An end-to-end standard oneM2M infrastructure for the Smart Home.


A new world of applications emerges in the home from the growing variety of things – devices, sensors, actuators – potentially available. Several application domains are considered, e.g., security, energy efficiency, comfort, ambient assisted living, multimedia communication. The Smart Home is slowly taking off.

Several actors exploit a new technical and economic opportunity to catalyze this market. This opportunity is based on the re-use of the infrastructure that telecom operators have deployed for today classic Internet and TV services. It raises technical and business challenges: Telecom operators have to open their home infrastructure to third-party applications while guaranteeing application security and consistency to all home business actors using this infrastructure.

Telecom operators have to open APIs at least two levels of their architecture: APIs in the cloud and APIs on an embedded device environment. This end-to-end infrastructure between the home network and service platforms has also to provide security at several levels, especially a consistent access right management.

The presentation will provide a vision of an open end-to-end architecture providing APIs in the cloud and in a home box to host any application and connect to any device in the Home. Among the standard organizations and industrial alliances, oneM2M standard specifications are making a reference architecture emerge. The implementation of oneM2M standard features in OSGi technology will be detailed, especially the end-to-end access right management discriminating both applications and users when accessing devices.

This infrastructure is currently prototyped thanks to the integration of open source software bricks provided by Open the Box (, eclipse SmartHome ( and eclipse OM2M ( open initiatives.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 11:15 to 11:50