Team up! Eclipse Kura and Apache Camel for IoT Gateways

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Data gathering from the field and delivery to the Cloud is a common task in IoT solutions.

Developers find themselves struggling with field protocols on one side, and data delivery protocols on the other.

Eclipse Kura is the Open Source M2M Software Framework of choice for IoT Gateways, and it's well known for its ease of use and flexibility, and Apache Camel is a message routing engine providing out of the box dozens of connectors to different endpoints.

Eclipse Kura and Apache Camel, when joined together, give developers the possibility to abstract their application logic from both field protocols and data delivery, thus easing and speeding up the development process.

This talk will show how Kura and Camel can work together, showing several examples on how to gather data from the field using Kura APIs, and how to deliver messages to several data gathering endpoints using Camel APIs.

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