Eclipse 3.x to Eclipse 4.x migration

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In this tutorial we will show how to migrate an existing Eclipse 3.x based application to Eclipse 4.   The following topics will be covered:
  • Identify the components that need to be migrated
  • Soft migration (use the compatibility layer)
    • Updating the target platform and the product definition
    • Migration of views
    • Migration of handlers, commands and menus, contributing to the application model
    • Dealing with selections
    • Remove usage of internal API and platform.ui code
    • Replace Extension Points with OSGi declarative services
  • Extended soft migration (still using the compatibility layer)
    • Migration of perspectives and part descriptors
  • Full migration
    • Creation of the application model
    • Bringing the pieces together and remove all Eclipse 3.x remains
  After this tutorial you should be able to migrate an Eclipse 3.x based application to an Eclipse 4 based application with and without using the combatibility layer.   To get started a sample Eclipse 3.x based application will be provided that covers the topics of this tutorial.
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