Dirigible - In-System Programming for Cloud

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Cloud computing already is widely promoted as the future foundation for the next generation business services. While the concept of moving more and more such services to cloud infrastructure instead of own premises is appealing by itself, it still comes with a large bunch of questions about overall development experience and life-cycle management.
There are different approaches to achieve a holistic experience for development in the cloud. You can start from scratch to define new development models and languages or
to keep the standard models, languages and even the tooling and runtime platforms.

This talk is focused on one of the development models "In-System Programming", that can be used in combination with cloud platforms. It leverages also content-centric architectural style by using centralised repository, dynamic languages and multi-container runtime.
The main goal is achieving the shortest development turn-around time ever.

The talk introduces Eclipse Dirigible project that aims at providing easy-to-use yet comfortable development environment as well as cloud ready runtime platform for building your next generation on-demand business applications.

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