Speaker FAQs

Thu, 2014-09-18 00:25

Welcome to the EclipseCon Europe / OSGi Community Event Speaker FAQs. If you have a question that isn't answered below, email us. The FAQs will be updated regularly, so please check back occasionally for new information.

How do I add speakers when creating a submission?

A user can only be added as a speaker for a talk if she/he has a valid eclipse.org account and if they have successfully logged in to an EclipseCon website at least once in the past year.

What are the registration discounts for speakers?
  • Standard Talks: Each accepted Standard Talk (35 minutes) for all tracks (including theme day tracks) earns one 100%-off discount; the discount goes to the first speaker listed on the talk
  • Tutorials: Each accepted Tutorial (3 hours) earns two 100%-off speaker discounts; the discount goes to the first and second speakers listed on the talk
  • Lightning Talks: We are not able to offer a discount for 10-minute Lightning Talks.
  • Speaker discounts are not transferable; unauthorized use will result in your registration being cancelled and additional registration fees may be incurred
  • All speakers must register for the conference in order to attend the session and give the talk
How do I register as a speaker?

Speaker discounts are implemented via discount codes. If you have submitted a talk, please do not register until you know the status of your submissions. Here are the steps in registering as a speaker:

  • If you have submitted a talk, please do not register until you know the status of your submissions
  • On the registration form, choose All Access Pass, IoT Theme Day (only), or Project Quality Theme Day (only)
  • If you are registering with a speaker discount code:
    • Enter the code and proceed with registration
    • If you do not see your discount reflected in the amount due, please email us for help
  • If you are not registering with a speaker discount code, proceed with registration
  • If you are an Eclipse member, committer, OSGi member, or alumnus, and you are not using a speaker discount, remember to use the appropriate discount code to receive your discounted rate; more information about these discounts can be found on the Registration FAQs page
How do I get my discount code?

Codes will be emailed to presenters after the program is chosen.

Does everyone listed on a talk need to register for the conference?

Yes, all speakers listed on a talk need to register. It's important – this is your way of communicating to us that you do intend to show up and give your talk!

What should I do if I have to cancel my talk?

First, try to find a colleague who can fill in for you and then email us to let us know. Registrations are transferable if your plans change. If you must cancel, please email us as soon as possible so that we can fill your place in the program with a talk on the waiting list.

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