Testimonial: On EclipseCon, by Manuel Bork, Yatta Solutions

Fri, 2015-09-04 07:38

Manuel Bork

Eclipse has always been more than just a Java IDE. It's a thriving software platform with more than 250 projects - for modeling technologies, RCP and web, Automotive, IoT, and many more. It's a vendor community with more than 240 member companies working together and an open-source community with more than 1500 committers world-wide. And EclipseCon is the place to get all this together.

It's the place where everyone is working hard to keep the platform not only open-source but also stable, easily extensible and well-supported. It's a the place where people meet to strengthen Eclipse as a brand, developing thrilling open-source solutions and sustainable Eclipse based business models, making investments into the ecosystem worthwhile. At EclipseCon everyone works together for a common goal: to keep the IDE competitive and to create new potential for growth to benefit everyone.

EclipseCon is where we shape the future of Eclipse as a community. We are happy to be part of this.