EclipseCon and the EASE scripting project

Fri, 2015-08-07 06:13

by Christian Ponteseger

Christian Ponteseger

If this is your first EclipseCon you will be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of interesting talks and tutorials. Sometimes it will be a hard decision which ones to attend and which ones to drop. But while the technical tracks are already awesome, to me EclipseCon is all about community. All the people you might know from the forum, blogs or stackoverflow are there and they are eager to hear your personal Eclipse story.

At my first conference I enjoyed the open mindset, the discussions, the respectful way people treat each other. I also came with an idea of a scripting project, but with no clue how to get started. But there were lots of people encouraging me with helpful hints and maybe some beer. So I came back a year later with a project proposal on the way and my first talk in front of the first enthusiastic users. The community around this project grew and people started to ask for supported functionality and new features. This year we have multiple talk proposals dealing with EASE and the community gets bigger again.

Getting technical again, you should definitely hear why I love scripting. You will learn how to extend Eclipse without writing java code, how to automate your daily work and how to provide a script API for your personal RCP project. Scripting rocks and adds a whole new world of possibilities for your users. It is your choice whether you use it for rapid prototyping, component testing, automating annoying tasks, or create your own DSL for your customers. For a sneak peek have a look at my blog.

hope to see you @ EclipseCon