Thu, 2015-07-16 15:32

Mixed Mode strategy to Migrate Eclipse 3x to e4

Even after so many releases of e4 versions there is still no evident acceptance and not many big commercial tool chains are migrated to e4 platform, Most of the applications are completely dependent on comparability layer. Even at BOSCH the situation is no different, we at our organization wanted to explore the reason and also check if e4 could resolve our tool chain users pain points.

Thu, 2015-07-16 12:19

Marketplace Implementations

The Eclipse Marketplace concept fits well in the world of modularized and customizable applications. Apple has a marketplace, Google has a marketplace and many others too. Hence, the Eclipse Marketplace is a great addition for the Eclipse ecosystem. Moreover, it enables to setup a well designed patch and update strategy [1] for both community-driven as well as commercial RCP applications. But as soon as one needs a more fine-grained control of the plugins offered in the marketplace, an own solution is inevitable.

Mon, 2015-07-06 09:45

RCP application / build for both desktop and web?

As most of us know, when starting a new project it's the old difficult decision to choose between rich client and web applications. Effectively, it's either web or rich client. Especially when developing Eclipse rich client applications, it's just desktop. Sure, cool techniques like RAP could be used to exchange SWT by web ready JavaScript libraries. Moreover, e4 enables to use different rendering engines for example JavaFX. But again, it's a either SWT or another UI library decision.

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