Managing OSGi artifacts with Package Drone


Package Drone is an "OSGi first" software artifact repository. It brings together Maven, Maven Tycho, Eclipse P2, OSGi R5 XML Index Repository and a few other repository formats. It even supports plain Maven or Debian and RPM using APT and YUM.

This talk gives an introduction and overview about the basic concepts of Package Drone. It will show how to setup and use the system in a local build workflow. The main focus will be on managing OSGi artifacts with demonstration of common use cases where Package Drone makes the developer life easier.


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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 17:00 to 17:35


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Is the presentation just 5 slides or did something went missing when opening the document in PowerPoint? If you plan on doing mostly demos, that would of course be fine!

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Sorry, of course the final presentation will have more slides. However it is not done yet. In any case there won't be much more than 10 slides, since the plan to is provide mostly demos and live demos on how to work with the Package Drone using Eclipse PDE/P2, Maven Tycho, bndtools and DEB/APT.

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