Refactor the legacy out!


Refactoring is great, but how to refactor all this legacy code?
How can we keep code readable and modern with little effort?

Refactorer at heart, Jean-Noël will present how to refactor efficiently to improve code. This works pretty well but it largely remains a manual process requiring intense attention.

To make his life easier, he created AutoRefactor: an Eclipse plugin which refactors java code on its own. While a code formatter only changes spaces and line breaks, AutoRefactor is one step beyond and rewrites program structures to unobscure them and make them more readable. We will execute it to clean a whole code base with one click! Finally Jean-Noël will explain its inner workings and will dream about what its future will be.


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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 14:30 to 15:05


Session already presented in French at the AlpesJUG:
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Here are interesting links of the project:
- official website:
- refactoring samples:
- project on github:
- an article on (in French):

I can of course rework the presentation if you think it can be made more attractive for eclipsecon attendees.

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You will see, practice and understand what refactoring is about and it is beneficial.
You will discover AutoRefactor, which can suggest and apply many code rewrites without any human help and without bugs.
You will think about what constitutes clean code and disacover new ways to produce it.

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