The multiple facets of the PBS (Product Breakdown Structure)


At the heart of any PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) systems there is the PBS. The PBS, Product Breakdown Structure, is a hierarchical tree structure of a deliverable item. The term “deliverable item” should be largely understood as it could be a manufactured good, pharmaceutical one, apparel or anything that is made, assembled, packaged by an organization.

The PBS object carries a large amount of data of various nature. It could be metadata, binary files or geometry data which holds the 3D representation. Many stakeholders are interested in grabbing and pushing data on the PBS but each of them wants a dedicated view of the structure. For instance engineers, customer support team and sales department work all on the PBS but they do not exploit the same aspect of it.

Moreover, the ‘L’ of PLM stands for “Lifecycle” which means that the information attached on the PBS evolves over the time. This evolution could be historicized or planned in advance.

In this session we will describe how the PBS is designed inside the open source DocDokuPLM platform ( We will also detail the algorithms we apply on it, the challenges we faced to be able to manage such high volume of data. The session will be made of a mix of real demonstration and theoretical explanation.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 14:30 to 15:05


I have just learned that this is actually about a proposed Eclipse project. This is a very relevant information which you should add to your abstract - and should have added to begin with. The talk was already on the "no Eclipse connection" rejection list because the connection was not that obvious.

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