Scenarios@run.time – Modeling, Analyzing, and Executing Specifications of Distributed Systems


In our work environments and daily lives, we are increasingly surrounded by connected embedded systems. Industry 4.0, Car-to-X communication, or Smart Homes are just a few current trends. The growing functionality and the concurrent and distributed nature of the applications are a great challenge during development. In order to help engineers deal with the rising complexity, we are developing a formal scenario-based method for specifying the interaction behavior of the components on an inter-component level. Our Eclipse-based tool suite ScenarioTools allows engineers to model scenario specifications textually. Furthermore, the scenarios can be executed and thereby simulated, or they can be formally checked for inconsistencies. We also developed a prototype approach for the execution of the scenarios in a distributed system where the components coordinate via MQTT. In this talk, we introduce our method and tool and demonstrate the distributed execution by a Car-to-X example implemented on Raspberry Pi-based robots.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 14:30 to 15:05


It could be the IoT-Day as well.

I chose the science track initially, since we will describe an academic project.

The talk will have two parts: The first part will be explaining the scenario-based specification approach and, in a nutshell, the analysis techniques that our tool provides. The second part will be the distributed execution. The first part, I thought, could be better placed in a science track; the second part could fit the IoT-Day.

What I could imagine as well is give a talk in the science track and then, additionally, a short talk at the IoT-Day. What do you think?

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The license will be EPL. However, we are yet working on a release update site and website. To be completed by September/October.

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