CMMi made easy (with a compass)

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People, processes, tools: these are the main ingredients that a company shall leverage to produce quality software. However, making software is intrinsically complex and you need a way to mix these ingredients in the right way.
CMMi and other quality standards offer suitable methodological tools, often in the form of processes and practices. These lead to a lot of corporate procedures and tools: training programs aren't enough, people need a compass to be involved in the many tasks required by software projects. Moreover, they need a unified view to have everything under control.
EasySGQ (Easy System for the Governance of Quality) is the compass that Nicola, Daniele and their team developed integrating open source tools and proprietary ones, and combining them with corporate processes. It allows a project manager to gain compliance with several quality standards with no additional burden on his daily activities. On the other hand, developers can work in this corporate ecosystem having all the functions they need with a high level of flexibility. A cornerstone of this architecture is Spago4Q, which provides the working groups with the information collected from the above-mentioned tools; this information is necessary to trace and develop end-users' requirements, to manage tests and project information, including risks, opportunities, metrics and documents.
Based on a living story, this presentation shows how an open source integrated platform makes easy the adoption of the CMMi in a large scale software factory, improving quality and cost-effectiveness of software development. Main technical features and economic advantages will be discussed, helping organizations improve historical project data collection processes and achieve higher maturity and capability levels.


Hi and thanks for the reply! It would be great to get the agenda by Monday (we will make our decisions on Tuesday next week). It doesn't have to be very detailed, but just a list of the points that will be covered by the talk.


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Hello Daniele and Nicola! Thanks for your submission.

We'd like to get some more information on what you have planned for this talk if that's ok. The area of CMMi is quite large and can get rather theoretical - if possible, we'd like a focus on the practical "real life" aspects with examples.

Especially since the talk time is 35 minutes and the topic is big, could you provide a rough agenda of what structure the talk would have?


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Hi Alex, the (rough) agenda should be made by the following points:

  1. Overview on Engineering Group CMMi implementation (with a focus on some process areas: VER, VAL, RSKM, RD, REQM, TS...) and on Engineering Group CMMi infrastructure (the tools used by the development projects)
  2. the main topics of the presentation: the tools which "makes easy" (EasySGQ, Talend Open Studio to collect data, Spago4Q to gain info and knowledge from data collected with TOS)
  3. the use case
  4. final thoughts and planned evolution of the solution

Please let me know if you need any further information.



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Hi Alex, of course! If it should be possible, we would provide the agenda next week: I'm involved in teaching a course (on performance test) until next friday, and Nicola this week is involved in several consultancy activities. The agenda will be about our experience inside our company on CMMi: from the choice to adopt the CMMi (several years ago) and the adoption of several tools supporting the processes that QA dept implemented, to the implementation of an infrastructure based on open source technologies to provide a coherent interface against all the tools and processes. We will provide a quick on overview on CMMi, but obviously it won't be a presentation on CMMi. Please let me know if next week is OK for you.

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