Shoot-A-Pi with Eclipse Kura


Do you like lasers? Do you like Raspberry Pis? Would you like to shoot a Raspberry Pi with a laser? The types of IoT based applications are nearly endless, so why not have a little fun while learning? Join this arcade inspired tutorial and enter a laser shooting arena for a friendly competition with your peers. If that wasn’t enough, you also have a chance to win your tutorial kit and take it home after the session.

The tutorial session was presented at EclipseCon NA 2015, collecting really good feedback and many participants. Strong from the previous experience, we have enhanced the session so to be even more useful and entertaining.

The tutorial will demonstrate how to develop an IoT application using open source technologies provided by Eclipse. We will start by providing an introduction to Eclipse Kura and show how Kura can turn your Raspberry Pi into an IoT gateway. This will demonstrate how Kura abstracts away various complexities of IoT and allows you to focus on application development. We will then show how your new Kura powered gateway can easily manage your IoT communication channels as well as provide services for easily interacting with native peripherals attached through USB HID, GPIO and I2C. As part of converting your RaspberryPi into a cloud-connected laser tag, you will also be exposed to various other technologies, such as: MQTT provided by Eclipse Paho, Eclipse OSGi bundle development, and web application communication through Websockets.


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Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 09:00 to 12:00


Hi Luca,
at the ECNA tutorial there where some hardware problems which made it difficult for some attendees to work through the tutorial. What have you done or plan to do to prevent this from happening again at ECE?

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Hello Achim,
during the ECNA tutorial we faced two different issues. First one was having the Pis with wired connection, so that people got some issues trying to share their PCs wireless with the Pi.
Second one was using RF laser tags, which didn't behave as expected in a small room packed with RF devices.
For this second tutorial, we are going to give each Rasperry Pi a WiFi dongle, now that Kura supports it, and also switch from 433MHz RF laser tags to a bluethooth/BLE device.

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