How I learned to test without sleep


Testing is an activity which requires the full attention of the person performing it and which engages both sides of the brain.
While this statement certainly is true, sometimes reality prevents us from living up to it.

Maybe you were kept awake by your sick child all night.
Or maybe you wanted to "watch just one more episode" of your favorite TV show and didn't realize how fast time flew by.
Or maybe you came home from a party at sunrise.

Regardless of the reason, on some days "full attention" is nowhere to be found and at least one half of the brain is in deep slumber.

In this talk I'll share the techniques which helped me to provide valuable testing to my team even on those occasions. As long as you don't fall asleep during the presentation the next time you're faced with such a situation you'll have the tools to make the best out of it.

The attached slides are from the lightning talk (5 minutes) version I gave at the German Testing Day. The talk at eclipse con will feature more techniques as well more practical advice and fun stories "on the audio track". Not to mention that the talk will be in English...


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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 16:15 to 16:50


Thanks for putting this in! Could you provide a mini-agenda of what points you are planning on covering?


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Sure, my preliminary agenda for this talk looks like this:

- Inspiration for this talk
- My definition of testing
- Coping by cheat sheets
- Coping by mnemonics
- Coping by building muscle memory
- Coping by re-testing
- Exploiting the fact by usability testing
- Exploiting the fact by doing reviews

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