I love scripting


Scripting eclipse has never been so easy. Write and execute scripts right in your beloved IDE.
During this talk we will

* write helper scripts for eclipse
* attach scripts to the UI
* write scripted unit tests
* extend scripting capabilities with our own libraries
* dynamically load java classes from the workspace

We do not start language wars, so we support them all (JS, Python, Groovy, Ruby, Java)

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 10:30 to 11:05


In case this session is accepted, It would be great to get an early slot, so we can have a BOF on this topic afterwards.

Might also fit into the Science track

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I believe we already have three talk proposals regarding scripting, two in the Science track. These all have a lot in common. So I'll se if we can pre-schedule a BoF on the topic.

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There is one proposal:
that would be great as an add-on to the one I proposed. Mine is more basic, about EASE in general, the other seems to show how Jython integration with EASE might work.
There is another one about python which semms not to be related with EASE.

The BOF I am thinking of was inspired by the science community. There seems to be great interest to bring python integration closer to eclipse. And therefore encourages the usage of a framework like EASE.

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It's a great extension for science related issues! I'd like to get an impression of the current status of the Python integration.

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