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Sirius: Changing the Game of Systems Architecture (presented by Obeo)

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Building Industry Solutions
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In this talk we will explain how Sirius dramatically changes the way architects can work on complex systems.

By using Sirius and the EMF stack (CDO, GMF, Acceleo, xText, OCL, ...) industry solutions can be created which completly fit the needs of architects (design, analysis, verification, simulation, etc.) in many domains (Transportation, Space, Insurance, Telecom, etc).

This talk will be illustrated by many case-studies. For example: how a space agency has defined a new approach to develop embedded software for satellites, how an insurance company has built a product catalog, or how a provider of aeronautics systems performs early validation of complex architectures.

For each case-study we will explain the problem which has been solved and how Eclipse Modeling components have been effectively combined.

Time slot: 
30 October 14:30 - 15:05