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Scripting, baby - automating Eclipse

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Other Cool Stuff
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The EScript project brings the power of dynamic scripting to the Eclipse IDE (and your RCP).

EScript provides script interpreters for various languages that are executed directly on your JRE. Currently you may choose from JavaScript, Jython and JRuby. Scripts in these languages may be written and executed directly in your application. And best of it all: these scripts have direct access to the underlying java classes your RCP is built upon.

While Java code may directly be accessed from scripts, it may still be too complicated for your users. Therefore script libraries (written in java) may extend a script language with custom functions. Create your own flavor of JavaScript!

You are not planning to create a script interface for your users? Then maybe you are interested in a rapid, interactive testing tool: create instances of your classes with one line of script code in the interactive shell view, call methods and see the results without the need of creating test rigs to access your class.

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30 October 17:00 - 17:35
Seminarräume 5