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Welcome to EclipseCon Europe 2013 Registration

Registration is now closed.

What's New in 2013

  • Professional training for French attendees: residents of France may register and claim it as professional training. This option is no longer available.
  • One-day passes: you may choose any one of the three days on the registration form.

Things to Know

Note that all payments must be made in euros, both credit card payments and wire transfers.

Be sure to insert your discount code at the beginning of your registration, if applicable. For more information about discount codes, please read below and then visit the Registration FAQs page.

For information on registration policies, payment options, discounts, transfers, cancellations, etc., see the Registration FAQs. For questions about registering as a speaker, please see the Speaker FAQs. Please note that the conference language is English.

Regular Registration

Registration Fees

  ...Sept 30 Onsite
All Access Pass €690 €795
Members, Committers, Alumni, OSGi €565 €670
One-Day Pass €300 €350
Non-corporate Pass* (€330) What's this? request non-corporate pass
Academic Pass* (€330) What's this? request academic pass
Student Pass* (€250) What's this? request student pass
Press/Analyst Pass* (no charge) What's this? request press/analyst pass
*limited number of passes available  

Discount Codes

All registration discounts are provided through discount codes. If you expect a discount, please do not register before you know your discount code. Details about discounts are on the Registration FAQs page. Here's a quick summary:

Group Discounts

For information about group discounts, please email us.

Professional Training (residents of France only)*

This registration option is no longer available for EclipseCon Europe. Deadline for registration was October 21, 2013.

Registration Fees

  ...Oct 21
Professional Training €690

*Please note that this is only for residents of France.

Discount codes (member, alumni, student, etc.) and group discounts may NOT be applied to the professional training fee. If you have a full discount on your registration (such as a speaker or sponsor discount) the training option is NOT available. To benefit from any type of discount, please complete the Standard Registration Form.


If you have questions or need help with registration, please email us.