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Accepted Sessions

OSGi Lightning Talks
Mike Francis
Track: OSGi

This session is made up of a number of Lightning Talks about OSGi:

OSGi Puzzlers - Neil Bartlett & Peter Kriens
A fun look at some of the traps and...

Smart and Highly Scalable Lifecycle Management for Embedded Devices
Thomas Hott [ProSyst Software GmbH], Rainer Eschrich
Track: OSGi

M2M is a highly dynamic market and is turning ever more challenging and complex as we progress toward fulfilling the vision of the Internet of Things. There are several big challenges to overcome...

For Coordination, State Component Transitions
Radoslaw Szymanek [Crossing-Tech], Simon Bliudze [EPFL, Rigorous System Design lab]
Track: OSGi

When building large concurrent systems, one of the key difficulties lies in coordinating component behaviour and, in particular, concurrent access to resources. Native mechanisms such as, for...

Open The Box
Fred Rivard [IS2T], Francois Bodet [Bouygues Telecom]
Track: OSGi

A new world of applications emerges in the Home thanks to the growing variety of sensors and actuators available. Several application domains are considered, e.g., security, energy efficiency,...

OSGi-based management of distributed renewable power sources
Dirk-Michael Wagner [EnBW ODR AG]
Track: OSGi

OSGi-based management of distributed renewable power sources

The presentation will provide an overview of the architecture and implementation of the infrastructure that will be used at EnBW...

The OSGI world of REST
Dragos Dascalita Haut [Adobe]
Track: OSGi

There are many ways to write web services today; can OSGI bring a better alternative to the existing solutions?

Come to see what you could win by writing your REST services following OSGI...

Continuous Automated Deployment with Apache ACE
Jago de Vreede [Luminis Technologies], Marcel Offermans [Luminis Technologies]
Track: OSGi

Nowadays, it is quite common to have build infrastructure that, on every change in a repository, builds your software and runs all your tests. However this is where most development teams stop....

Device Abstraction in OSGi Based Embedded Systems
Dimitar Valtchev [ProSyst Software GmbH]
Track: OSGi

OSGi is gaining popularity as enabling technology for building embedded systems in residential, automotive and M2M markets. In all these contexts it is often necessary to communicate with IP and...

Robust collaboration services with OSGi
Satya Maheshwari [Adobe]
Track: OSGi

Let's see how OSGi framework is utilized in providing a resilient architecture for maintaining a web conferencing service with mission-critical requirements.

The speaker is Computer...

Building dynamic distributed data stores with OSGi
Tim Ward [Paremus Ltd]
Track: OSGi

Managing large distributed runtimes can be very hard, particularly when it comes to configuration. Tools like Puppet and Chef try to solve this by automating configuration rollout, but it can be...

TRESOR: The modular cloud - Building a domain specific cloud platform with OSGi
Alexander Grzesik [medisite Systemhaus GmbH]
Track: OSGi

The usage of cloud technologies for data exchange as well as the capability of services to run in the cloud brought this internet-based technology a gain of importance in the last years covering...

STMicroelectronics Smart Home Reference Designs - Turnkey platforms with compatible software to facilitates application development
Luca Celetto [STMicroelectronics]
Track: OSGi

This talk will present a platform designed for application development to serve the new markets enabled by the Internet of Things, with a particular focus on Home Automation, Smart Energy, and e-...

Travelling Light for the Long Haul
Ian Robinson [IBM]
Track: OSGi

One of the attractive qualities of OSGi is its role in enabling technologies that adopt it to manage the cost of their own success. Anything that gains adoption - in technology or elsewhere -...

Testing OSGi the "groovy" way
Lars Pfannenschmidt [Intuit], Dennis Nobel [itemis AG]
Track: OSGi

In order to meet software project requirements, it is important to implement ongoing quality assurance using automated tests. However, for OSGi platforms which are used in various areas such as...

Going native with the OSGi service layer
Sascha Zelzer [German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)]
Track: OSGi

OSGi is a dynamic module system for Java, supporting the development of highly modular applications. However, many concepts and design choices in the OSGi specifications are language neutral and...

Dynamic Hybrid Cloud Applications
Bram de Kruijff [Luminis Technologies], Alexander [Luminis Arnhem]
Track: OSGi

The Cloud is booming. Economic advantages of utility computing, better time-to-market and apparent flexibility is what drives more and more businesses to move their critical systems into the third...

OSGi Remote Services
Alexander [Luminis Arnhem], Bram de Kruijff [Luminis Technologies]
Track: OSGi

The OSGi framework has become a popular platform for dynamic and pluggable Java applications and, with the creation of RFP-156 for Native OSGi, more and more native applications are following....

Graham Charters [IBM]
Track: OSGi

There are a number component models available to OSGi developers; Declarative Services (DS), Blueprint (BP), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI). Some have their...

Mastering OSGi with Ease
Ferry Huberts [Pelagic], Neil Bartlett [Paremus Ltd]
Track: OSGi

This tutorial is a compressed version of the OSGi Masterclass. Its goal is to take you into areas of OSGi that are extremely useful, but seldom discovered through independent experimentation or...

Never A Wrong (Semantic) Version Again!
Ferry Huberts [Pelagic]
Track: OSGi

This talk will explain why semantic versioning is both easy and hard at the
same time. It will go into detail on what semantic versioning actually entails,
and offer some examples to...

(Web) Applications made simple with OSGi
Peter Kriens [aQute SARL]
Track: OSGi

OSGi is renowned for its advanced modularity but it is not often called simple. I actually believe that OSGi is simple but that most reported problems are caused by trying to push a...

The PowerMatcher - making the electricity grid smarter
Aldo Eisma [IBM]
Track: OSGi

Today’s energy market is rapidly changing. The percentage of renewable energy is growing fast, and more and more energy consumers are also generating energy. However, renewable energy sources,...

Test Driven Development with OSGi
Balázs Zsoldos [Everit Kft.]
Track: OSGi

The purpose of the talk is to show how developers can start writing their tests using TDD techniques. During the speech, the audience will get an idea about the following topics:

  • ...
Building modular software with OSGi
Ulf Fildebrandt [SAP AG]
Track: OSGi

Modularity of a system is an important topic in software development in order to build solutions that are enable to evolve and support future use cases. New frameworks and standards are created in...

Distributed Eventing in OSGi
Carsten Ziegeler [Adobe]
Track: OSGi

One of the major topics the OSGi alliance is working on is a proposal for distributed eventing especially in the cloud. This session starts with an overview of the current state in the alliance...

Monitoring OSGi Applications with the Web Console
Carsten Ziegeler [Adobe]
Track: OSGi

This session introduces the latest version of the famous Apache Felix web console which allows to monitor and inspect OSGi web applications through the browser. The web console is based on a...

What’s cool in the new and updated OSGi specs (DS, Cloud and more)
David Bosschaert [Red Hat], Carsten Ziegeler [Adobe]
Track: OSGi

Carsten and David will look at new and updated OSGi specs that are in the works. Developing components has never been easier. Learn more about the new Prototype Service Factory, OSGi/CDI...