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Accepted Sessions

JavaFX goes Open Source (presented by Oracle)
Wolfgang Weigend
Track: Java

Since JavaFX 2 was introduced as the strategic UI technology for rich internet applications at JavaOne 2011, more and more developers are getting excited about working with JavaFX. Last year there...

Better native tooling with Eclipse and Red Hat (presented by Red Hat)
Alexander Kurtakov [Red Hat Inc.]
Track: Eclipse Technology

Configuring Eclipse with a full set of native profiling tools like gcc, gdb, oprofile, valgrind, systemtap; and getting all of them up to date and properly configured to work within your Eclipse...

Eclipse Contributor Hackathon (continued)
John Arthorne [IBM Canada]
Track: Eclipse Technology

Second hour of the Hackathon. For a full description, go here.

Orion meets SAP (presented by SAP)
Wolfgang Pfeifer , Mohammed Unewisse [SAP AG]
Track: Web Technology

The Eclipse community created ORION as a project aiming for a browser-based open tool integration platform. SAP as the world's largest business software company is providing platforms and...

Starting-Up in the Eclipse Ecoverse (presented by Yatta)
Johannes Jacop [Yatta Solutions]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

A talk about founders, start-ups, investors and business models in the European Eclipse Community

Creating Data Driven Web Apps with BIRT (presented by Actuate)
Virgil Dodson [Actuate Corporation]
Track: Building Industry Solutions

BIRT is a powerful framework for adding data visualization and reporting capability to your application. However, creating BIRT designs is only part of the story. To create a seamless application...

Developing for the Cloud, in the Cloud, with Eclipse Orion (presented by IBM)
Scott Rich [IBM Rational Software], John Arthorne [IBM Canada]
Track: Web Technology

Are developers ready to give up their desktop IDE? The rest of the application world sure seems to be rushing to the cloud! Eclipse Orion is a key part of IBM's JazzHub offering, which supports...

Closing Session
Ralph Mueller
Track: Other Cool Stuff

Come join us for a conference wrap-up -- more information to be added later.

SCADE System, the first industrial success of Eclipse Papyrus (presented by CEA)
Sebastien Gerard , Alain Le Guennec
Track: Eclipse Technology

Introduction: The inception of the SCADE System project.

SOA Interest Group Symposium
Marc Gille [SunGard]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

The symposium will illustrate how SOA and BPM concepts can be leveraged to build end-to-end solutions starting with domain specific input and ending up with executable services and business...

Shared ALM on Cloud (presented by Bosch)
Niranjan Mising name [Robert Bosch India], Jyothi G.Shivashankar [Robert Bosch]
Track: Building Industry Solutions

A shared ALM on the cloud
Objective : Development of automotive software functions and calibration tasks are increasingly a joint effort between the OEMs...

OSGi Lightning Talks
Mike Francis
Track: OSGi

This session is made up of a number of Lightning Talks about OSGi:

OSGi Puzzlers - Neil Bartlett & Peter Kriens
A fun look at some of the traps and...

Scaling Pinterest
Marty Weiner [Pinterest]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

In the early days, Pinterest grew from 0 pageviews per month to billions in just under a year.

In this talk, Marty will go over what it was like scaling Pinterest over the first two years...

Lightning Talks
Ralph Mueller , Alex Blewitt [InfoQ], Moritz Eysholdt , Andreas Sewe [Codetrails], Alexander Nyssen [itemis AG], Markus Knauer [EclipseSource], Fred Bricon [Red Hat]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

Moritz Eysholdt
Turn Ideas into Code Faster

Write your program in Xtend and have the Xtend compiler generate the Java code.

Alex Blewitt
Embedding JGit into Java...

A practical guide to a cross-platform Java GUI test (presented by Froglogic)
Reginald Stadlbauer
Track: Java

The benefits of automated tests in general, such as the ability to run more tests in less time, also apply to GUI tests. But automating GUI tests for complex Java user interfaces in a cross-...

Paradigm shift in UI testing (presented by Xored)
Ivan Inozemtsev [Xored]
Track: Eclipse Technology

UI tests are often considered complex and fragile because of many reasons – random failures, dependance on test order/screen resolution/operating system. They are hard to create, hard to maintain...

Conquering Complex Software: From weather models to Linux to malware and beyond (presented by EnSoft)
Jeremías Sauceda [EnSoft Corp.]
Track: Building Industry Solutions

Human ingenuity has carried us a long way from the days of punch cards, and today we appreciate tools like Eclipse that greatly streamline our ability to write software. But how do we make the...

To infinity and beyond – making Jubula surpass its limits (presented by Bredex)
Markus Tiede [BREDEX GmbH]
Track: Eclipse Technology

As the Jubula team, we’re generally quite proud of the out-of-the-box support we have. However, we’ve been involved in enough projects to know that there are sometimes boundaries that are hard to...

Sirius: Changing the Game of Systems Architecture (presented by Obeo)
Etienne Juliot [Obeo], Frederic Madiot [Obeo]
Track: Building Industry Solutions

In this talk we will explain how Sirius dramatically changes the way architects can work on complex systems.

By using Sirius and the EMF stack (CDO, GMF, Acceleo, xText, OCL, ...) industry...

Things to Consider When Branching with Continuous Integration (presented by ZeroTurnaround)
Oleg Šelajev [ZeroTurnaround]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

CI was originally intended to be used in combination with automated unit tests written through the practices of test-driven development. This even works if all those developers of yours push to...

Single Points of Failure: The Human Element of Software Engineering
Brian Fitzpatrick [Google]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

Despite decades of work developing new languages, tools, and methodologies, the hardest part of writing software is not working with technology, but working with other people. This talk will take...

Lean ALM: From open source cowboys to software supply chains
Mik Kersten [Tasktop]
Track: Building Industry Solutions

While Agile development has come of age, most organizations have yet to apply lean principles to their application lifecycle as a whole. In contrast, most Eclipse projects area already doing so,...

Visualizing Geolocation Data using BIRT
Virgil Dodson [Actuate Corporation]
Track: Web Technology

There are many different libraries used to access and visualize geolocation data within your web app. This session will show several techniques developers have used to include geolocation data...

A guided tour of Eclipse M2M
Benjamin CABE [Sierra Wireless]
Track: M2M / Embedded

Since the creation of the M2M Industry Working Group ca. EclipseCon Europe 2011 the number of M2M projects, and the community around them, haven't stopped growing.

We would like to...

Flying sharks and m2m
Klemens Edler [Lunifera GmbH], Florian Pirchner [Lunifera GmbH]
Track: M2M / Embedded

Some day a certain idea popped up in my head - what if I could hold a shark as a pet... in my flat? But how to proceed? My bathtub would probably be to small for him and I would risk trouble with...

My Experience from 8 Eclipse Simultaneous Releases
Markus Knauer [EclipseSource]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

Luna in 2014 will be the 8th Eclipse Simultaneous Release that comes with the EPP packages on...

What's new in RAP 2.0, 2.1, 2.2?
Tim Buschtoens [EclipseSource], Markus Knauer [EclipseSource]
Track: Eclipse Technology

RAP is known as a platform for running Eclipse applications on the web. In the first half of the year, the RAP team delivered two versions of the new 2.x...

6 million startups can't be wrong!
Max Rydahl Andersen
Track: Other Cool Stuff

At JBoss Tools we've gathered anonymous data into Google Analytics for 3+ years, gathering data from ~6.000.000 startup's of Eclipse.

This has taught us a great deal about our users, but it...

Building Maven-based Java EE applications in Eclipse
Fred Bricon [Red Hat]
Track: Eclipse Technology

The m2e-wtp[1] project aims at providing a tight integration between the Eclipse’s Web Tools Platform and m2e, the Maven Integration plugin for Eclipse. After reaching version 1.0 and graduating...

Eclipse JDT Kung Fu
Sebastian Zarnekow [itemis]
Track: Eclipse Technology

The Eclipse Java Development Tools (JDT) are among the most feature-rich and powerful IDEs out there. In fact, more than 80% of the Java developers use tools that are based on Eclipse so it pretty...

Single-sourcing web and rich-client using RAP
Stefan M [AMOS Austria]
Track: Web Technology

The Remote Application Platform (RAP, is an open source framework out of the Eclipse Ecosystem...

Smart and Highly Scalable Lifecycle Management for Embedded Devices
Thomas Hott [ProSyst Software GmbH], Rainer Eschrich
Track: OSGi

M2M is a highly dynamic market and is turning ever more challenging and complex as we progress toward fulfilling the vision of the Internet of Things. There are several big challenges to overcome...

Beyond the box: How we built a JavaScript IDE with Xtext.
Jens von Pilgrim [NumberFour AG]
Track: Building Industry Solutions

This talk is about using Xtext to build a fully featured IDE for a superset of JavaScript.

Turning Eclipse into an Arduino programming platform for kids
Melanie Bats [Obeo]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

"Daddy, daddy, how does a computer work?"
We're used to say that curiosity is a bad habit but it is nonetheless one of the greatest strenghts of kids: they are eager to learn. Learn...

An Eclipse RCP application for Synchrotron Science
Matthew Gerring , Jacob Filik
Track: Other Cool Stuff

We have developed a cool RCP application for visualizing synchrotron data, called Dawn, and we would like to give you a tour of what it can do! We will have a few slides and live demos using the...

Tales from the crypt: Must knows to ship software to enterprises
Tim Webb [Genuitec]
Track: Eclipse Technology

You don’t know what you don’t know, right? Sometimes you step in a pile of manure while out on a beautiful nature walk and it stinks - quite literally. Without a reference point, shipping Eclipse...

Riena - How we support multiple platforms (RCP 3.x, e4, RAP, JavaFX)
Christian Campo [compeople AG]
Track: Eclipse Technology

When Riena was created 5 years ago on top of Eclipse Technology (RCP, OSGi) it was targeted as a more enduser friendly application platform for client / server applications.So we tweaked RCP here...

Java - Advanced Memory Management
Christian Campo [compeople AG]
Track: Java

The JVM manages its memory and runs highly sophisticated garbage collection strategies. Because of this, Java developers tend to take the task of careful memory management too lightly and leave it...

Architecture modeling using ArCon for Automatic Inspection and Domain Specific Modeling Support
Gert Johansson [Combitech ]
Track: Eclipse Technology

ArCon (Architecture Conformance Validation Tool) is an Eclipse plugin for automatic model (in model driven software development) inspection against defined architectural rules.

Become an Eclipse Committer in 20 min and fork the Eclipse IDE
Lars Vogel , Markus Kuppe
Track: Eclipse Technology

The Eclipse SDK is available via Git and the common build infrastructure allows to build your own Eclipse IDE. Join this talk to learn how you can checkout the Eclipse IDE source code, modify it,...

EGit 3.0 and Beyond
Matthias Sohn [SAP AG], Robin Stocker
Track: Eclipse Technology

EGit 3.0 shipped with Kepler. Curious what's in ? What comes next with 3.1 shipping with Kepler SR1 ? More and more advanced Git features and options get available in JGit and enable EGit to catch...

Gamification - Should I gamify my Eclipse application?
Robert Walter [itemis]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

No matter if you work on an IDE or a RCP application, user experience (UX) sooner or later should become a concern. With the recent hype on Gamification, I want to give a critical insight on what...

CDO: Satisfy Your Requirements Before You Even Know You Have Them
Eike Stepper [ES - Computersysteme]
Track: Eclipse Technology

Suppose you must develop an application to support someone’s business processes and you accepted a set of requirements and agreed upon the underlying data model. Being eager to deliver, you employ...

For Coordination, State Component Transitions
Radoslaw Szymanek [Crossing-Tech], Simon Bliudze [EPFL, Rigorous System Design lab]
Track: OSGi

When building large concurrent systems, one of the key difficulties lies in coordinating component behaviour and, in particular, concurrent access to resources. Native mechanisms such as, for...

Open The Box
Fred Rivard [IS2T], Francois Bodet [Bouygues Telecom]
Track: OSGi

A new world of applications emerges in the Home thanks to the growing variety of sensors and actuators available. Several application domains are considered, e.g., security, energy efficiency,...

OSGi-based management of distributed renewable power sources
Dirk-Michael Wagner [EnBW ODR AG]
Track: OSGi

OSGi-based management of distributed renewable power sources

The presentation will provide an overview of the architecture and implementation of the infrastructure that will be used at EnBW...

Eclipse vs. The Mobile World
Holger Staudacher [EclipseSource], Jordi Boehme Lopez [EclipseSource]
Track: Eclipse Technology

Let’s face it: Creating complex applications with plain widgets is really hard. As a result UI frameworks like the Eclipse Workbench were created. But we are not in the 2000s anymore and the...

Which UI technology should I marry?
Andreas Hoegger [ BSI Business Systems Integration AG], Matthias Zimmermann [BSI Business Systems Integration AG]
Track: Building Industry Solutions

Choosing the right UI technology is a challenging topic as they look pretty today and old tomorrow - if they still exist. And the situation gets worse if you need to cover multiple frontends and/...

The OSGI world of REST
Dragos Dascalita Haut [Adobe]
Track: OSGi

There are many ways to write web services today; can OSGI bring a better alternative to the existing solutions?

Come to see what you could win by writing your REST services following OSGI...

Add some spice to your application! (using EMF Parsley in your UI)
Lorenzo Bettini , Francesco Guidieri , Vincenzo Caselli
Track: Eclipse Technology

Most of you for sure are using EMF for modeling, since it's without any doubt the most powerful modeling project around.
But how quickly you can get a UI out of your model?
Just pick...

EcoreTools 2.0: The Making-Of
Cedric Brun [Obeo]
Track: Eclipse Technology

EcoreTools is one of the prominent graphical modelers in Eclipse: it's pretty much the first step users discovering EMF are taking. Yet the project got little love over the years since the...

Concierge - Bringing OSGi (back) to Embedded Devices
Jan S. Rellermeyer [IBM Research]
Track: M2M / Embedded

OSGi is a set of open standards describing a dynamic module system for the Java language maintained by the OSGi Alliance.
Concierge strives to be a minimal footprint implementation of the...

Continuous Automated Deployment with Apache ACE
Jago de Vreede [Luminis Technologies], Marcel Offermans [Luminis Technologies]
Track: OSGi

Nowadays, it is quite common to have build infrastructure that, on every change in a repository, builds your software and runs all your tests. However this is where most development teams stop....

Taking back control over your test suite or how to write better tests for your Eclipse plugin
Sebastian Benz [E.S.R. Labs]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

We all know testing is important. Unfortunately, even the best intentions are often crushed by slow and brittle tests hindering development more than they actually help.

But this must not...

Sirius By Example: Build Your Own Diagram, Table and Tree Editors in 20 Minutes
Stephane Bonnet [Thales], Pierre-Charles David [Obeo], Alex Lagarde [Obeo]
Track: Building Industry Solutions

Sirius is a field-proven technology recently accepted as an official Eclipse project. It allows the easy and rapid development of custom graphical modelers (diagrams, tables, cross-tables, trees...

Device Abstraction in OSGi Based Embedded Systems
Dimitar Valtchev [ProSyst Software GmbH]
Track: OSGi

OSGi is gaining popularity as enabling technology for building embedded systems in residential, automotive and M2M markets. In all these contexts it is often necessary to communicate with IP and...

Bringing M2M to the web with Paho: Connecting Java Devices and online dashboards with MQTT
Obermaier Dominik [dc-square GmbH], Christian Götz [dc-square GmbH]
Track: M2M / Embedded

With the use of Eclipse Paho, the umbrella project for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication protocols in different programming languages, it is very easy to interconnect different hardware...

Designing future aircraft with Eclipse RCP
Doreen Seider [German Aerospace Center (DLR)]
Track: Building Industry Solutions

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) uses Eclipse RCP to design future aircraft, like blended wing body aircraft or the SpaceLiner. It develops a distributed simulation framework based upon Eclipse...

Xcore meets IncQuery - How the New Generation of DSLs are Made
Istvan Rath [Budapest University of Technology and Economics], Tamas Szabo [itemis AG]
Track: Eclipse Technology

Ecore is the de-facto industry standard framework for building standard and custom domain-specific modeling languages. Xcore builds on the powerful Xtext framework to bring the advantages of...

Seven Tips and Tricks for developing OSGi applications with Eclipse and Tycho
Gunnar Wagenknecht [Tasktop]
Track: Eclipse Technology

The Eclipse Plug-In Development Environment (PDE) in combination with Maven Tycho is a widely used approach for building OSGi applications in Eclipse. This talk is packed with seven tips and...

Robust collaboration services with OSGi
Satya Maheshwari [Adobe]
Track: OSGi

Let's see how OSGi framework is utilized in providing a resilient architecture for maintaining a web conferencing service with mission-critical requirements.

The speaker is Computer...

Using Gerrit to enhance your Git
Shawn Pearce [Google]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

Developers love working with distributed version control tools, but it can be challenging to enforce quality standards. Come learn how Gerrit Code Review...

Improve your Java builds with Buck
Shawn Pearce [Google]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

Buck is a modern open source build system built on concepts developed for Google and Facebook. Gerrit Code Review...

Eclipse Smart Home
Kai Kreuzer [Deutsche Telekom AG]
Track: M2M / Embedded

The new Eclipse Smart Home project is a flexible framework for smart home and ambient assisted living (AAL) solutions. It has a strong focus on heterogeneous environments, i.e. solutions that deal...

Marine Simulations on Eclipse RCP (plus visualization with Oculus Rift)
Eirik F. Wahl [Itema AS], Torkild U. Resheim [Itema AS]
Track: Building Industry Solutions

At Sintef MARINTEK in Trondheim, Norway, we are creating an Eclipse RCP-application named "SIMA": A Simulation Workbench for Marine Applications. Our application helps the offshore-industry to...

Building dynamic distributed data stores with OSGi
Tim Ward [Paremus Ltd]
Track: OSGi

Managing large distributed runtimes can be very hard, particularly when it comes to configuration. Tools like Puppet and Chef try to solve this by automating configuration rollout, but it can be...

Eclipse goes crowd! With Code Recommenders 2.0 into the future of collaborating teams
Marcel Bruch [Codetrails]
Track: Eclipse Technology

Just in time for EclipseCon, Code Recommenders 2.0 was released to the world with a set of new and very powerful features. Code Recommenders has always been about bringing the collaborative power...

EMF 'n' Compare: Rescue Rangers
Mikael Barbero [Obeo]
Track: Eclipse Technology

Did you ever cry, stuck in front of your monitor while comparing files in a human-unreadable format (XML, JSon, …)? Did you ever told yourself you could do smarter data processing if only you knew...

EMF.Edit: the Force Unleashed!
Mikael Barbero [Obeo]
Track: Eclipse Technology

So you need to build a Java application for desktop, mobile or web? You already know that EMF could be helpful in many ways because it handles the burden of writing the data classes (entities) and...

AMALTHEA - an open tool platform for embedded multicore systems
Harald Mackamul [Robert Bosch GmbH]
Track: Building Industry Solutions

The AMALTHEA tool platform is developed in a publicly funded ITEA 2 project. It is an open and expandable tool platform for embedded multicore systems and will be distributed under the Eclipse...

TRESOR: The modular cloud - Building a domain specific cloud platform with OSGi
Alexander Grzesik [medisite Systemhaus GmbH]
Track: OSGi

The usage of cloud technologies for data exchange as well as the capability of services to run in the cloud brought this internet-based technology a gain of importance in the last years covering...

Eclipse and Java™ 8
Srikanth Sankaran [IBM India Pvt Ltd], Stephan Herrmann [GK Software AG]
Track: Java

Java 8 is coming. It is happening right here. Developers of your favorite Java
IDE are participating in shaping this long awaited milestone for the Java

A yet...

STMicroelectronics Smart Home Reference Designs - Turnkey platforms with compatible software to facilitates application development
Luca Celetto [STMicroelectronics]
Track: OSGi

This talk will present a platform designed for application development to serve the new markets enabled by the Internet of Things, with a particular focus on Home Automation, Smart Energy, and e-...

Integrate your tools to help integrate your stakeholders
Stephan Herrmann [GK Software AG]
Track: Eclipse Technology

GK Software has used modeling tools since the days of Xtext 0.7. Recently, this idea has gained new momentum and a family of DSLs is growing, which change how we are thinking about software.

Travelling Light for the Long Haul
Ian Robinson [IBM]
Track: OSGi

One of the attractive qualities of OSGi is its role in enabling technologies that adopt it to manage the cost of their own success. Anything that gains adoption - in technology or elsewhere -...

Open Source Tools for Large-Scale Development?
Francis Bordeleau , Dominique Toupin [Ericsson]
Track: Building Industry Solutions

The emergence of open source solutions over the last decade has deeply transformed the industry. Open source solutions are now used at the core of large industrial products and development...

Testing OSGi the "groovy" way
Lars Pfannenschmidt [Intuit], Dennis Nobel [itemis AG]
Track: OSGi

In order to meet software project requirements, it is important to implement ongoing quality assurance using automated tests. However, for OSGi platforms which are used in various areas such as...

Equinox Weaving: Working around problems when using other people's plugins - in a non-intrusive way.
Andreas Graf [itemis]
Track: Eclipse Technology

The Eclipse eco-system provides a great platform to build new development and engineering tools based on the existing projects and plugins. While integration is often straightforward, you are...

M2M for Java Developers: MQTT with Eclipse Paho
Obermaier Dominik [dc-square GmbH]
Track: M2M / Embedded

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers became an integral part of our modern world and single-board computers like Raspberry Pi are cheaper today than at any time before. Simple and...

Going native with the OSGi service layer
Sascha Zelzer [German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)]
Track: OSGi

OSGi is a dynamic module system for Java, supporting the development of highly modular applications. However, many concepts and design choices in the OSGi specifications are language neutral and...

Practical puppet by the example of the Mylyn project
Steffen Pingel [Tasktop], Benjamin Muskalla [Tasktop]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

Nowadays almost all software products have integrations with other systems. The "API economy" is defining a new paradigm requiring software to support an increasing number of interfaces provided...

Orion, Flower Platform and Diagrams: How to Build Enterprise HTML5 Apps in Minutes. And Then Maintain Them
Cristian [Flower Platform / Crispico]
Track: Web Technology

This session presents a case study: we make use of Orion and Flower Platform diagramming extension to build a server (Node.js) and a client (RequireJS, Backbone.js). And then we...

How CERN scaled up Eclipse for the LHC
Donat Csikos [CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research], Jed Anderson [Genuitec, LLC]
Track: Building Industry Solutions

You read the name CERN and imagined thousands of physicists attempting to discover the origins of the universe. Empowering those experimental physicists are many hundred physicists, engineers and...

Living Documentation
Alex Lagarde [Obeo], Melanie Bats [Obeo]
Track: Eclipse Technology

“Look! It's moving. It's alive. It's alive... it's alive, IT'S ALIVE!”

Documentation and tests are often considered as a write once and never look at again part of most projects, but we...

Eclipse Contributor Hackathon
John Arthorne [IBM Canada]
Track: Eclipse Technology

Have you been using and consuming Eclipse technology for years, but never taken that next step to contribute changes back to the projects you are using? Taking that first step can be daunting, as...

Dynamic Hybrid Cloud Applications
Bram de Kruijff [Luminis Technologies], Alexander [Luminis Arnhem]
Track: OSGi

The Cloud is booming. Economic advantages of utility computing, better time-to-market and apparent flexibility is what drives more and more businesses to move their critical systems into the third...

OSGi Remote Services
Alexander [Luminis Arnhem], Bram de Kruijff [Luminis Technologies]
Track: OSGi

The OSGi framework has become a popular platform for dynamic and pluggable Java applications and, with the creation of RFP-156 for Native OSGi, more and more native applications are following....

Neo4EMF : Big Models Made Possible
Amine BENELALLAM [AtlanMod research team, INRIA & Mines Nantes]
Track: Eclipse Technology

One of the main limitations hampering the adoption of modeling technologies for large-scale systems is the lack of solutions to efficiently handle big, complex and highly interconnected data...

Scripting, baby - automating Eclipse
Christian Pontesegger [Infineon Technologies]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

The EScript project brings the power of dynamic scripting to the Eclipse IDE (and your RCP).

EScript provides script interpreters for various languages that are executed directly on your...

Graham Charters [IBM]
Track: OSGi

There are a number component models available to OSGi developers; Declarative Services (DS), Blueprint (BP), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI). Some have their...

Would we do it again? - UI Testing with Q7
Jonas Helming [EclipseSource Munich]
Track: Eclipse Technology

When it comes to UI testing of Eclipse plug-ins and RCP applications, different project setups and products have very different requirements. The selection of a UI Testing tool has to match these...

Simplifying Complex Embedded Development Processes with mbeddr?
Stefan Schmierer [BMW Car IT GmbH], Markus Voelter [independent/itemis], Bernd Kolb
Track: M2M / Embedded

Many of today's industry standards or development processes require software developers to use a multitude of tools to achieve a specific goal, resulting in significant accidental complexity for...

End to end web application development with Orion
John Arthorne [IBM Canada], Anton McConville [IBM Canada]
Track: Web Technology

In this tutorial, attendees will develop a complete client side web application from scratch, entirely from a browser. Attendees will use Orion development tools to build a web application from...

Custom SWT and RAP Widgets. Shining in the Nebula.
Wim Jongman [Remain Software / Industrial-TSI]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

Wim Jongman will showcase components from the Eclipse Nebula project. After that he will take you out of the Eclipse realm to other sources of cool widgets that will soon come to the Nebula...

Discover Remote OSGi Services
Wim Jongman [Remain Software / Industrial-TSI], Markus Kuppe
Track: Eclipse Technology

This talk explains how the ECF project will take your existing OSGi service and promote it to a network service. The network service will be peer to peer or it will be registered with a discovery...

Java on embedded and mobile devices
Thomas Schindl
Track: M2M / Embedded

Java8 will come with support for embedded devices like RasperryPi and BeagleBoard where one can leverage the new JavaFX UI-Toolkit to create slick UIs.

Now that your smart phone and tablet...

Writing JavaFX applications useing Eclipse as IDE and runtime platform
Thomas Schindl
Track: Eclipse Technology

Most people coming to EclipseCon are already familiar with SWT to create UIs. In this tutorial I'll introduce you to JavaFX which is the successor of Swing.

Topics we'll cover in this...

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Orion Solutions
Szymon Brandys [IBM]
Track: Web Technology

You know Orion as an online software development tool, but it is also a great integration platform for building web solutions. There are many examples spread over the internet illustrating how to...

Eclipse M2M on wheels
Niranjan Mising name [Robert Bosch India]
Track: M2M / Embedded

Eclipse has helped many domains over years by providing platforms and tooling support to build application to support interoperability. And now it’s time for M2M/IOT to get benefited from the...

The prospering Eclipse Era in Automotive Industry
Antonia Reiter [Robert Bosch GmbH], Nirmal Sasidharan [Robert Bosch GmbH]
Track: Building Industry Solutions

Embedded software development in automotive domain comes along with a lot of special requirements and boundary conditions like huge data specifications, timing constraints, different bus systems...

Getting married (with) EMF
Jonas Helming [EclipseSource Munich]
Track: Eclipse Technology

If you do not use EMF or know what it is, please keep reading; this talk is targeted at you.
EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) is a framework used to generate entities (aka Java Beans) from a...

EMF Dos and Don’ts
Maximilian Koegel [EclipseSource Munich], Johannes Faltermeier [EclipseSource Munich GmbH]
Track: Eclipse Technology

EMF is very powerful and most of the time fairly simple to use, but users may encounter the occasional ‘rocky shore’. For example, “Why are there so many Adapters on my EObjects?” “After...

Mastering OSGi with Ease
Ferry Huberts [Pelagic], Neil Bartlett [Paremus Ltd]
Track: OSGi

This tutorial is a compressed version of the OSGi Masterclass. Its goal is to take you into areas of OSGi that are extremely useful, but seldom discovered through independent experimentation or...

Never A Wrong (Semantic) Version Again!
Ferry Huberts [Pelagic]
Track: OSGi

This talk will explain why semantic versioning is both easy and hard at the
same time. It will go into detail on what semantic versioning actually entails,
and offer some examples to...

STEM 2.0: Helping save the world with EMF, GEF, and Xtext
Christian Thoens [Federal Institute for Risk Assessment Germany], Stefan Edlund [IBM Research]
Track: Eclipse Technology

In Dan Brown's bestselling thriller, Inferno, world-renowned art historian Robert Langdon races across southern Europe, trying to prevent the spread of a highly infectious novel virus...

New and Noteworthy in Java8
Sebastian Zarnekow [itemis]
Track: Java

Java 8 being on the finish line, it’s time to dig into the important enhancements and changes of the language, the virtual machine and the ecosystem around it. In this session I will walk through...

Rapid Android Development with Xtend
Sven Efftinge [itemis]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

Android code tends to grow big and fat. It's time for a diet!
With Eclipse's Xtend you can cut down the amount of code significantly and get a more readable and maintainable codebase as a...

Code Generation with Active Annotations
Anton Kosyakov [itemis], Sven Efftinge [itemis]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

Code generation has a long tradition in Java-land. Modeling languages and code generators have advanced in recent years and have become a very helpful tool to get rid of structural boilerplate. On...

Eclipse Diagram Editors: An Endangered Species
Jan Koehnlein [itemis]
Track: Eclipse Technology

The Eclipse ecosystem houses several endemic diagram editors. Some of them emerge from complex models. Others need to be brought up with a lot of coding. Most of them grow a new abstraction layer...

Modeling Symposium
Eugen Neufeld [EclipseSource Munich GmbH]
Track: Eclipse Technology

The modeling community is among the most active and diverse in Eclipse's ecosystem. The modeling symposium aims to provide a forum for community members to present a brief overview of their work....

Lambda - More Than a Greek Letter
Sebastian Zarnekow [itemis]
Track: Java

Project lambda (JSR 335) “aims to support programming in a multicore environment by adding closures” to Java. A pretty bold statement, isn’t it? Nevertheless, closures or lambda expressions are...

Xtext for Beginners
Jan Koehnlein [itemis], Sebastian Zarnekow [itemis]
Track: Eclipse Technology

Are you bored of writing boilerplate code? Are you drowning in XML files? Do you have to verify every single change with long running integration tests?

Xtext is here to your rescue. Xtext...

Vert.x - The next-gen polyglot asynchronous platform
Norman Maurer
Track: Web Technology

Vert.x is am open source platform for asynchronous application development on the JVM. It comes with an easy to use API and allows simple development of applications on top of its simple...

Are you still manually coding UIs?
Maximilian Koegel [EclipseSource Munich]
Track: Eclipse Technology

Manual development of user interfaces for Business application has several drawbacks. Visible components such as forms or reports are typically subject to constant change, based on user feedback....

Eclipse SCADA – An introduction
Jens Reimann [IBH SYSTEMS GmbH], Jürgen Rose
Track: M2M / Embedded

»SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is defined as the monitoring and control of technichal processes by means of a computer system«

The Eclipse SCADA project provides a SCADA...

Migration to e4 - be aware of the pitfalls / Shake that FUD; How to migrate your Eclipse 3 legacy code to Eclipse 4
Wim Jongman [Remain Software / Industrial-TSI], Philip Wenig [OpenChrom], Lars Vogel
Track: Eclipse Technology

Migration to e4 - be aware of the pitfalls, Philip Wenig

(Web) Applications made simple with OSGi
Peter Kriens [aQute SARL]
Track: OSGi

OSGi is renowned for its advanced modularity but it is not often called simple. I actually believe that OSGi is simple but that most reported problems are caused by trying to push a...

What every Eclipse developer should know about Eclipse 4 (e4)
Jonas Helming [EclipseSource Munich], Eugen Neufeld [EclipseSource Munich GmbH]
Track: Eclipse Technology

This tutorial will give you a jumpstart into the new concepts of the Eclipse 4 Application Platform. If you have previous experience developing with RCP 3.x, but limited or no experience with e4,...

The PowerMatcher - making the electricity grid smarter
Aldo Eisma [IBM]
Track: OSGi

Today’s energy market is rapidly changing. The percentage of renewable energy is growing fast, and more and more energy consumers are also generating energy. However, renewable energy sources,...

Testing mobile applications with Jubula
Alexandra Schladebeck [BREDEX GmbH], Markus Tiede [BREDEX GmbH]
Track: Eclipse Technology

After multiple years of experience with testing desktop toolkits, the GUIdancer / Jubula team made their first foray into the world of mobile testing with version 7.0 of GUIdancer. Since the...

Eclipse Committer Bootcamp
Wayne Beaton [The Eclipse Foundation], Denis Roy [Eclipse Foundation, Inc.], Sharon Corbett [Eclipse Foundation, Inc.]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

Are you a new committer or project lead for an Eclipse project? Are you thinking about proposing a new open source project at Eclipse? In this tutorial, Eclipse Foundation staff members will walk...

Test Driven Development with OSGi
Balázs Zsoldos [Everit Kft.]
Track: OSGi

The purpose of the talk is to show how developers can start writing their tests using TDD techniques. During the speech, the audience will get an idea about the following topics:

  • ...
Building modular software with OSGi
Ulf Fildebrandt [SAP AG]
Track: OSGi

Modularity of a system is an important topic in software development in order to build solutions that are enable to evolve and support future use cases. New frameworks and standards are created in...

Usability and Testability - Two unloved birds with one stone
Alexandra Schladebeck [BREDEX GmbH]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

Software projects prove time and time again that we are great at developing complex software. They also show that we tend to forget putting ourselves into the position of our users and testers. It...

Jubula Tutorial – Specify, execute, analyze
Alexandra Schladebeck [BREDEX GmbH], Markus Tiede [BREDEX GmbH]
Track: Eclipse Technology

Come and learn to automate, execute and analyse tests with Jubula!

The world needs more acceptance tests. They tell us whether or not the software being developed does what the customer...

Designing a silver lining - the cloud based user experience of Orion
Anton McConville [IBM Canada]
Track: Web Technology

Companies, institutions and organizations are rapidly, and excitedly shifting their platforms, programs and information to ‘the cloud’.

Software developers are consequently adapting too,...

Distributed Eventing in OSGi
Carsten Ziegeler [Adobe]
Track: OSGi

One of the major topics the OSGi alliance is working on is a proposal for distributed eventing especially in the cloud. This session starts with an overview of the current state in the alliance...

Monitoring OSGi Applications with the Web Console
Carsten Ziegeler [Adobe]
Track: OSGi

This session introduces the latest version of the famous Apache Felix web console which allows to monitor and inspect OSGi web applications through the browser. The web console is based on a...

Optimizing performance - how to make your Eclipse-based tools run faster
Martin Lippert [Pivotal]
Track: Eclipse Technology

Over the past year we worked a lot on the performance of the Spring-related tooling for Eclipse. In this session we present our lessons learned. We show how we identified Eclipse-specific...

Making the Eclipse IDE fun again
Michael Scharf , Martin Lippert [Pivotal], Gunnar Wagenknecht [Tasktop], Max Rydahl Andersen [Red Hat]
Track: Eclipse Technology

Many Eclipse IDE users are still happy using Eclipse as their daily Java IDE - and indeed, the Java tooling in Eclipse is great. But don’t you hear people saying things like: Eclipse got too big,...

What You get for Free with Xtext
Holger Schill [Itemis], Moritz Eysholdt
Track: Other Cool Stuff

Xtext is build around the paradigm "make simple things simple and complex things possible". When looking at the simple examples that ship with Xtext and the general purpose language Xtend, one...

Scala in Eclipse for Profit & Fun
Mirco Dotta [Typesafe]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

In this session you will learn all there is to know to get started with Scala in Eclipse. The goal is to show in practice: 1) how to create a fully functional Eclipse plugin in Scala, and 2) how...

What’s cool in the new and updated OSGi specs (DS, Cloud and more)
David Bosschaert [Red Hat], Carsten Ziegeler [Adobe]
Track: OSGi

Carsten and David will look at new and updated OSGi specs that are in the works. Developing components has never been easier. Learn more about the new Prototype Service Factory, OSGi/CDI...

Real World Git Workflows
Nicola Paolucci [Atlassian]
Track: Other Cool Stuff

UPDATE: Slides available on slideshare here.

While Git is established in the Open Source world...