Practical puppet by the example of the Mylyn project

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Other Cool Stuff
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Nowadays almost all software products have integrations with other systems. The "API economy" is defining a new paradigm requiring software to support an increasing number of interfaces provided by different vendors. This presents new challenges for developers and testers: Versioning is no longer limited to source code but the entire configuration of external systems, which are often tested in multiple versions, has to be considered.

Mylyn has connectors for dozens of ALM systems making configuration management a prime concern in day to day development. The talk will show how puppet is used in the Mylyn project and can help automate configuration management for any project. We'll show a concrete example how puppet gets even more powerful when combined with vagrant enabling any developer on the team to provision entire test systems on their local machine.

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30 October 13:45 - 14:20
B├╝rgersaal 2