Keynote Speakers


Brian Fitzpatrick

Single Points of Failure:
The Human Element of Software Engineering

Brian Fitzpatrick started Google's Chicago engineering office in 2005. An open source contributor for over 13 years, Brian is the engineering manager for several Google products, a member of both the Apache Software Foundation and the Open Web Foundation, a former engineer at Apple and CollabNet, a Subversion developer, an author of several books, and a resident of Chicago.


Marty Weiner

Scaling Pinterest

Marty is a Level 17 Cloud Ninja at Pinterest. As one of the early geeks, he built out the site's infrastructure and is now managing the spam and abuse team. Marty previously worked at Azul Systems as a VM engineer, focused on building and improving the JIT compilers in HotSpot.


Ian Robinson

Travelling Light for the Long Haul

Dr. Ian Robinson is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and the Chief Architect of the WebSphere Application Server. Over the last two years Ian has been one of the driving forces behind the OSGi-based WebSphere Liberty Profile, a lightweight profile of the WebSphere Application Server that integrates OSGi with Java EE technology to provide a highly functional yet small and developer-friendly environment for enterprise applications.