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Thank you for attending EclipseCon Europe and OSGi Community Event! Remember to evaluate the sessions you attended.



Hotel Update - Book Now!

Both of our official conference hotels are sold out on Wednesday, 30 October.

Fortunately, Ludwigsburg has a good supply of rooms at nice hotels for reasonable prices, but be sure to book as soon as possible!

See the Hotels page for a list of recommended Ludwigsburg hotels.


Testimonial: Martin Lippert

Martin Lippert

EclipseCon is awesome. For me, it is the premier event to get in contact
with all the people working on the various Eclipse projects and all the
people using those projects. It's so much easier to talk about
problems and issues, chat about future directions, and exchange ideas
about new things at those events than on mailing lists or online forums.
Meet the people behind the projects and their users in real person is
priceless.Looking forward to seeing you there, too!

Martin Lippert


Countdown to the Program

Thanks again to everyone who submitted a talk. The program committee is just about done deciding which ones make the cut. The quality of the submissions does not make this an easy job!

We expect to send out the accept/decline emails by the end of this week (6 September).

The committee will be contacting some submitters; please be sure to respond quickly if you receive an email from them.


More Fun: a Hackathon!

Some of our most experienced Eclipse project leads are organizing an ECE Hackathon. The goal is to help new contributors make their first real commits to an Eclipse project.

If you're a committer, please consider signing up to help.

If you're a contributor, plan to have some geek fun while learning how to be a committer.

For details, see this wiki page.


Update on Hotel Rooms

The Nestor Hotel is sold out on Wednesday, 30 October. Rooms are available on other nights. The Blauzeit, our other conference hotel, currently has rooms available for all nights. See the Hotels page for more information.

We know many of you like the Nestor, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We increased the Nestor room block this year to avoid a sellout, but early bookings have filled up the entire hotel for Wednesday. Later cancellations may free up some rooms; please contact the Nestor directly for updates.


Waiting for EclipseCon Europe

Like many of us, ECE conference chair Ralph Müller is looking forward to the day when the program is announced. But there are some other cool things happening besides the talks, as Ralph describes in his blog post.


Testimonial: Philip Wenig

Philip Wenig

I like EclipseCon because of: interesting people, nice food and tasty wine.
Philip Wenig


Testimonial: Sarah Goff-Dupont

sarah goff-dupont

If I weren't 8 months pregnant, I'd totally make the trek to EclipseCon EU. (See you in 2014!)
Sarah Goff-Dupont


Submissions Closed

Thank you everyone who submitted a session for this year's conference!
View submissions here.

The Program Committee is currently reviewing/selecting the talks that will be included in the program. It'll be a great line-up again this year.


Testimonial: Christian Campo

christian campo

One of my favourite things about ECE are the talks and the speakers. It's always nice to see what everyone is up to in the Eclipse community. Submit a talk and let us know what you've been working on!
Christian Campo