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Testimonial: Alex Lagarde

Alex Lagarde

Alex shares lots of reasons why he attends EclipseCon, including a special memory of his first EclipseCon keynote.

Alex Lagarde


Session Schedule Is Live

The EclipseCon Europe schedule is now available in grid form on the Session Schedule page.

Create a personalized schedule by logging in and clicking on the star icons in the talk cells.



Formulaire d'inscription: formation professionnelle

Le formulaire d'inscription pour l'option formation professionnelle est en ligne.
Inscrivez-vous maintenant!

Important: This form is for French attendees who want to benefit from the Educational Program we put in place with Oxiane.


NH Hotel

We have added a room block at the NH Hotel in Ludwigsburg since the Nestor and Blauzeit are sold out on Wednesday, Oct 30.

Book now!


Testimonial: Manuel Bork

Manuel Bork

For me, EclipseCon is the best opportunity to get in touch with creators and users of innovative software technologies. If you want to meet the Eclipse key developers, the people behind Eclipse, who drive the community and the most established Java IDE in the world, then you have to be there. EclipseCon just floods your mind with new ideas you want to develop for the next time.

Manuel Bork


Flying Sharks at ECE

If you like sharks and M2M, then you're in for a treat! Check out this video for a sneak peek.

Talk: Flying Sharks and M2M

Warning: In the most unlikely case that sharky gets out of control; no panic! Lie down flat on the stomach, protect your head with the arms and wait until sharky has passed by.


Newsletter: September 10, 2013

Check out the third EclipseCon Europe newsletter.


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  • A Bit of Fun
  • Hotel Update

Tutorials Pre-registration

The registration system has been updated to include the tutorials!

If you have not yet registered: please be sure to select the tutorial you'd like to attend when you register.

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Submitters Have Been Notified

The accept/decline emails have been sent by the submission system. By now all submitters have been notified about their proposals.

Here's the link to see the list of accepted talks. It's a great program!

If you submitted a talk but did not receive an email, please let us know at speakers@eclipsecon.org. Thanks again to everyone who sent in a proposal. The schedule will be published soon.


Q&A with Ian Robinson

Keynote speaker Ian Robinson talks about his OSGi Community Event talk, his experience with OSGi, and his perspective on OSGi challenges and opportunities in this Q&A session.