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Eclipse Committer Bootcamp

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Other Cool Stuff
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Are you a new committer or project lead for an Eclipse project? Are you thinking about proposing a new open source project at Eclipse? In this tutorial, Eclipse Foundation staff members will walk you through the information that you need to know to be an effective open source project committer at Eclipse. The discussion includes an overview of the Eclipse Development Process, the Intellectual Property Due Diligence Process, and the Tools and IT Infrastructure available to Eclipse projects.

Other topics include:

  • Eclipse project structure
  • Using the Project Management Infrastructure (PMI)
  • Role of the Project Management Committee (PMC)
  • Why IP Management is important
  • Assembling your initial contribution
  • Managing third-party dependencies (pre-req, workswith, exempt)
  • Managing your IP log (automated IP Log, download scan tool, etc.)
  • Creating and managing Git repositories
  • Social coding: Eclipse projects at GitHub
  • Accepting contributions/Contributor License Agreements (CLAs)
  • Committer and project lead elections
  • Using the download and archive servers
  • Understanding project metrics
  • Building your project using the Common Build Infrastructure (CBI)
  • Growing your project's community
  • Who to ask for help.

Note that there is no hands on element for this session; but be prepared to participate in the discussion.

Time slot: 
29 October 09:00 - 12:00